Liposuction News: It's a Big Fat Waste of Time


woman beach thighs liposuctionFull disclosure: After I dropped some weight in my late teens, my mom said that maybe, if my most rigorous workouts didn't do much to combat the "thunder thighs" (a junior high taunt, of course) my DNA "cursed" me with, maybe we could consider liposuction. I know she meant well, and I've actually taken her offer seriously on occasion -- particularly when all those squats have translated to ... well, squat. But today is a new day! I may never consider lipo again. Because apparently, you can't actually fool Mother Nature.

According to new research out of the University of Colorado, non-obese liposuction patients who had fat deposits removed from one part of their body (specifically their thighs and lower abdomens) saw the fat reappear in their upper body (specifically the upper abdomen and triceps of the upper arms). Sounds like cosmetic surgery karma to me!

As cunning as we think we're being by running off to go under the knife and re-work what our genetics gave us, it sounds like anyone who opts for lipo plays the fools in the end. Not to mention the side effects of lipo like shock, infections, uneven appearance, and scarring. But who caaaaares -- what kind of price is that to pay when you can be SKINNIER?!

Ugh. (Note the sarcasm.)

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Americans underwent 200,000 liposuction procedures last year, making it the fourth most popular form of cosmetic surgery. Is anyone actually surprised by this? Women of all ages and sizes lament their flabby thighs, cellulite, too flat or too fat ass, etc. and then wish that maybe there's a way to take the fat out of said disappointing area and inject it elsewhere! Like into their breasts! Or their faces! But try as we might, pricey procedures like that breed short-term results at best. Now, as for straight-up lipo, who would take the chance that sucking fat out of their lower belly "pooch" could lead to flabby upper arms, aka "bat wings," or a muffin-top?

Oh, apparently some women would. The Colorado study found that even when members of a control group learned that others had gained fat back in odd places, more than half of them opted to have their own lipo. Drrr. Seriously, ladies?!

When the fat comes back -- and it will -- it'll serve 'em right. We'd all do well to just stick to the gym, eating right, and -- gasp! -- learning to love ourselves and live with that not-so-ideal cellulite or normal patch of lower abdominal fat that every woman has. Because obviously, an expensive surgical procedure isn't the fix.

What's your stance on liposuction? Would you trade your lower belly or thigh flab for a muffin-top and arm fat?

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DomsM... DomsMama07

I would never get lipo but anyone who does I don't look down on! If they want to blow that kind of money for that more power to um!

othermom othermom

Would never get lipo anyways

nonmember avatar Danielle

I'm planning to have a breast reduction once my son is weaned and was thinking of getting a tummy tuck while I'm at it but hmmm, I'd hate to have even flabbier arms!

Do you think if I had fat added to my arms my belly would get flatter? Ha ha.

livn4... livn4hevn

Tumy tucks are different than Lipo. Lipo sucks fat out of your body... abdominplasty (tummy tucks) actually cut the excess hanging skin and sew your abs back into a six pack. A tummy tuck is absolutely 100% on my list of to-dos.

As far as lipo, I feel like I could do a lot more to easily lose the extra fat in my arms before I would be able to lose the fat in my belly.... so I think it would be worth it!

bether89 bether89

I don't think that it is worth it.  I would be afraid of where it might reappear.

Peter Zachert

you are what you are if you want to put it on put it on if not stick to veges it works wonders                  i love slim women and they taste better

nonmember avatar Rose

I agree with your anti-lipo stance, but I have to say you're a bit harsh on those of us who have had liposuction. (I just had to say that – hopefully you'll continue reading.) I feel I was somewhat of a victim of the whole plastic surgery marketing machine. I admit that I was influenced by some plastic surgery shows, and then when a cousin had a breast reduction, it somehow made it seem acceptable. I went in for a breast reduction/lift, but 5 different plastic surgeons were all certain that I needed lipo of the abdomen. When they offered a discount if I did the procedures together, it seemed like a no-brainer. I ended up experiencing the weight gain phenomenon, and I'm totally dissatisfied. You can hide a tummy with Spanx, and no one sees big thighs under a skirt. But you can't hide a pumpkin face! And a fat back and arms are most unfeminine. I once read that Liz Taylor advised people to not get lipo because it comes back in odd places. In the end, poor Liz's face looked dreadful, and I wonder if liposuction in part caused that.
In my opinion, the procedure does not live up to its promise and actually has the opposite effect. This is pure false marketing, and I think the procedure should be banned.

Joyce Stafford

I see no problem with plastic surgery, Lipo, breast reduction/augmentation, lifts, tucks, fillers and Botox. They are there and available, if you can afford it- more power to you. All the exercise and healthy eating, etc can only get you so far. Personally I don't think I'd ever have it done, it looks horrible on the reality TV shows. But I know a couple people who have had it done. They looked good for a while, but they got big again, it's not a cure, you still have to eat right and continue exercising after the procedure- or your gonna end up just as fat if not fatter, and that's just a huge waste  of money.

karis... karischub

I don't think I would have lipo done. It is a surgery and rather violent. Optional surgery is not an option for me.

nonmember avatar April

I had my youngest 12 years ago, I work out hard and I still have saddle bags, a muffin top, and huge thighs. Not to mention my arms are starting to sag. So I am having liposuction in all those areas not to mention a tummy tuck. I had my breasts done last January. I am tired of opting for broccoli while everyone else eats pizza. I am tired of running, biking, and swimming, as well as lifting weights and getting no visual reward out of it. If the fat comes back I will do the surgery again. Of course I will also continue with my healthy life style and once again wear a swimsuit without shame.

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