Khloe Kardashian Sounds Like a Big Liar in 'US Weekly'


khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian has been promoting her E! reality show opening up and earnestly confessing details to Us Weekly about her previously horrific self-image and body image. Key word being: Previously. Apparently, in the past (we're not sure how recent), her mother, Kris Jenner told Khloe that she was negatively affecting “the Kardashian brand” because she was eating cookies, and then her brother told her she‘s "big" and needs to work out. She ended up falling down on the kitchen floor and crying, "I'm so f-cking fat. I'm so tired of trying to pretend that I'm happy with my weight."

But then -- there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

She started working out -- like a whole THREE TIMES A DAY! -- and dropped from a size 12 to a size 0. 

And now?

She says she's "proud" of her body. On her personal blog, she writes:

My body weight will always be something that I will have to work on for the rest of my life but I am finally in a really good place and learning to love me for me and not for someone else’s standards. I really enjoyed speaking out about this to Us, and if I can help other people find the self-confidence that I’ve found, then I’m definitely a happy girl!

I don't buy it. First of all, given what she's surrounded the crap she's hearing from her "momager" Kris Jenner and likely ridiculously weight-conscious Hollywood trash from her brother, as well as sisters Kim and Kourtney, I highly doubt she's as as happy as she would have us believe. Second of all, if she is good with her looks, and actually has begun "learning to love her for her," that's great -- but I bet you anything husband Lamar Odom has something to do with it ...

Having low self-esteem and poor body image isn't exactly a recipe for finding and creating a happy, healthy partnership. But if you are somehow able to snag a mate while toting around a lousy self-image, there's definitely something about having a guy in your life that makes you feel least slightly better about yourself. Khloe may think, "Hey. Maybe I'm not a size 0 anymore, but I've got a hunkahunka pro-athlete hubby, while my sex pot sis Kim is still floundering around sans ring on it!" It's pretty much the opposite of anything a supposedly modern woman wants to admit, but I'm SURE feeling like she's gotta man is at least a contributing factor to this new "happy place" of Khloe's.

If it's not, and she really feels comfier in her own skin independent of Lamar, that's awesome. But forgive me, maybe it has something to do with all their plastic surgery and fake baked skin, but I just don't really buy much that comes out of  those Kardashian sisters' mouths.

What do you think -- is Khloe's newfound positive body image genuine? Do you think it could possibly be influenced by having a husband?


Image via US Weekly

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MarGeee MarGeee

I don't see how she could fit into a size 0 at my smallest I was a size 6 I couldnt fit into a zero cause my bone frame is big,I'm not built like a skinny girl so the smallest I ever fit into was a size 6 and I was happy about that.

MarGeee MarGeee

I meant to say I'm not built like a girl who has a small bone frame.

momli... momlisa23

I've actually read the article and while I'm not saying it's completely true, I think it's good that it's being put out there that just because you can't fit a model's sample size, it's ok to feel good about yourself! I struggled for awhile because I stopped being skinny after I had my kids, but I was ok with that. What upset me was everyone else telling me I shouldn't be happy with how I looked because I was bigger than I was before. I accepted that my body did something amazing not once but twice and now my kids are my priority and not what my dress size is.We should be teaching self acceptance to our kids by accepting ourselves and the fact that we do amazing things all day everyday! There is a reason our kids look at us adoringly! We ARE perfect! We just need to realize it!

hanib... hanibanani

She went to high school with my brother. They graduated the same year. I doubt she was ever a size 0, but I read the article and don't think that matters. She has struggled with her weight and it is true that she had a problem with food and was very thin for a few years. I think she can be very inspiring for girls with similar body types and that she is pretty. She probably hears she is fat all the time being rich and famous. Why do commenters need to tell her that? She's not fat at all and nobody should say that to her just because she is bigger than her sisters. 

Caffe... Caffeineplease

If she feels happy about her self image then thats awesome, who cares why or how she got to feeling good about herself, as long as its good for her and its not hurting anyone else.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I think she's beautiful the way she is, and I envy her confidence and assertiveness.

Elaine Grant

seriously...she's 6ft tall..there is no way she's a size 0 ..however..whatever makes her happy i guess..and ...who really cares?

DomsM... DomsMama07

I thought she looked good 'big'. Celebs are to warpped up into wanting to be skinny!!

KamiB79 KamiB79

I agree with DomsMama07.

othermom othermom

Don't really care

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