The Breast Mother's Day Present of All

As someone who lost my mother at a young age from breast cancer, there is almost nothing I would like more than the ability to go back in time and make her get a mammogram earlier than she did. I don't have that luxury.

But you might. Now you can send your mom a celebrity video reminder for her annual mammogram. Is there a better Mother's Day gift than the gift of more time together?

The videos come from the Noreen Fraser Foundation. Fraser has been battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer for the past 10 years and celebrity participation is a huge part of her cause to help others join the fight. The videos look like this:


The videos feature stars like Kim Kardashian, Bob Saget, Jack Black, and Neil Patrick Harris and should serve as a reminder that mom needs to make that appointment.

They are short and to the point and don't seem to push an agenda beyond health. Mom will appreciate the effort and hopefully get the message. And if you are of age, you should heed that advice as well!

Will you send this to your mom?


Image via YouTube

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