'Biggest Loser' Kaylee Caught Kissing Another Contestant

biggest loser wheatiesCan I just get something off my chest about last night's Biggest Loser? It was only an hour long, and I think they crammed everything and anything into that one hour that we could possibly want to see. Since we're gettin' down to the end of the wire here in this season, it makes sense that we could do without the usual two-hour-long extravaganza. And for that I was grateful. Thank you, NBC! Anyway. Moving on ...

The remaining contestants were back at the ranch this week, having spent the last two weeks in New Zealand. Alison told them it was "Favorites" week, meaning Biggest Losers from past seasons would be coming back to hang with the current cast. Among the former winners making appearances were season five winner Ali Vincent and season nine contestant Sam Poueu (who proposed to fellow contestant Stephanie at the ranch last year). 


Ali and Sam trained everyone in the gym for their first workout back, which of course was more gimmick than anything especially productive. (You could tell later on that Bob was frustrated that he and Jillian hadn't been able to "get their hands on" the contestants until much later in the week.)

Oh, I also LOVED that Sam "taught" the contestants how to snack on ... hummus instead of mayo. And using -- get this! -- whole wheat wraps with protein and veggies!!! Seriously? If the contestants don't know by now about healthy wraps or that mayo can be substituted with a plethora of more sensible and nutritious spreads, they're kinda doomed once they get home. Sorry, it's true.

Later, at the Auto Club Speedway of SoCal, the contestants met Alison and Clint Bowyer ... and former contestant Tara Costa. They had to compete against Tara in a "classic" BL challenge that required them to each pull a car nearly half a mile along the race track. The first to cross the finish line won a VIP experience at Richmond International Speedway, their face on a collection's box of Wheaties cereal, and $5,000! Not too shabby. Rulon wanted that Wheaties box prize more than anything -- but in a finish that was almost too close to call, Tara ended up taking the prize.

You could tell from that point on, Rulon just wasn't feelin' it anymore. He seemed pretty confident that it was his time to go home and that he could take what he had learned on the ranch and do well at home. Apparently there were other "issues" he wanted to tend to at home, and in a turn of events that has supposedly never happened before on the show, Rulon told the rest of the competitors at the weigh-in that he was leaving "for personal reasons." And that was that.

But one more contestant was to be eliminated after the weigh-in last night, and after most of the cast pulled really awesome, big numbers -- it came down to Irene (who hit her 100-pound mark) and Kaylee (who gained back 2 pounds of the 5 she lost last week). In the end, Kaylee went home, which I think made the most sense. It was clear that she had actually reached her goal weight. Now it's just about maintenance.

What's more exciting though is that apparently she hooked up with that not-quite-contestant Vance! In her follow-up, we see she's dating him, and they go on a really cute little ice skating date that ends up sealed with a kiss. The weird thing is I totally thought she was dating Austin! Oh well, whatevs. As long as the girl is healthy and happy. She seems like she really is!

Were you surprised to see Rulon and/or Kaylee go home last night?


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