Quack Off Gilbert Gottfried; Aflac Gets New Duck (VIDEO)

Dan McKeagueAfter quacking the famous Aflac! quack for 10 years, Gilbert Gottfried was fired last month for making tasteless Twitter jokes about Japan after the country was hit by the devastating earthquake and Tsunami. Aflac wasted no time in hunting down searching out a new duck, and today introduced the world to Dan McKeague and his quack.

McKeauge is no hotshot Hollywood actor or schooled singer, instead he's a radio station sales manger who's done a little voice-over work.  He lives in Hugo, Minnesota, and is married with three kids. In other words, he's just an average guy, who happens to have outstanding quacking abilities.

Check out his quack here in this video in which he's offered the job:


Okay, it's really disturbing to watch his face when he quacks, but if you close your eyes and listen, it's a pretty decent quality quack. I also love that he's such a regular Joe. He auditioned online and was one of more than 12,500 who put their quack in the hat, so it's no small feat that he was chosen.

Besides his voice, company execs deemed him worthy of representing Aflac in a positive light (e.g. not mocking and insulting the people of a country in which most of the company's business is done). They said he "fits the bill."

For comparison's sake, here's Gottfried doing his quack:

Personally, I've got to give it to the new guy, though I still find any version of that quack annoying as hell.

What do you think of the new voice of the Aflac duck? Do you prefer Gottfried or McKeague?

Image via YouTube

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