Hero Soldier Gets Face Transplant From Unlikely Donor

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Mitch Hunter, a 30-year-old Army Private from Indianapolis, got a wish come true last week when he received the fourth facial transplant ever in the United States. His story is heart-breaking. Mitch's face was left severely disfigured (see the results of the amazing surgery in the previous link) after he touched a live wire while saving a woman's life during a car accident. 

And you'll never guess who donated the facial tissue.


Although the donor family wishes to remain anonymous, the tissue belongs to a boy whose wish before he died was to donate his organs and tissue in order to help as many people as possible. The family issued the following statement:

We are very proud that our beloved son’s wishes were to donate his organs and tissue, helping as many people as possible. We are honored to respect his wishes. When we heard that there was a match for his facial tissue, we were overwhelmed and did not hesitate to say yes. We are so very happy that the transplant is progressing well. It is a gift to us to know that another young man’s life could be so positively changed because of our son’s giving spirit. Though we grieve our loss, we are also joyful that his passing has made this miracle possible.

The parents of both boys should be very, very proud.

How amazing are these guys?


Image via The U.S. Army/Flickr

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