Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Goal Is Crazy Talk

kirstie alley dwtsWho didn't see this one coming? Known for her chronic battle with the scale, Kirstie Alley has lost weight since being on Dancing With the Stars. No big surprise there. It's probably physically impossible not to when you're dancing as much as those competitors are. Even before starting the competition, Kirstie noted that the "strenuous, rigorous dance schedule" would probably help her shed the 30-40 pounds she's been hoping to lose on top of 60 she lost prior to being cast on DWTS.

I'm happy to hear that it has been working out as she suspected, and also that she's ditched the scale in the process. She claims she hasn't weighed herself in the past four weeks! She explained recently how she is currently tracking her weight-loss ...

I bought these dresses from a size twelve to a two. Tonight I'm a six. When I'm a two, I'm done, people!

Leave it to Kirstie to embrace a good idea and then just take it to a complete EXTREME.


On what planet should that woman be a size two?? She's about 5'7" and has never, even at her thinnest, looked like a willowy twig. A size two is pushing it, and setting unrealistic, unnecessary goals like being a size your body will never ever reach or sustain is one of those traps that sets you up for yo-yo weight-loss your whole life.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm rooting for Kirstie, and any other woman who wants to get more fit, embrace a healthier lifestyle. Oh, and that brings up another good point, which is that Kirstie really needs to start thinking of this whole "rigorous dance schedule" as something she could implement into her everyday life long after this season of DWTS ends. And I know she's got her Scientology diet "Organic Liasion" weight-loss shakes to drink or whatever, but how about making some permanent changes to her eating habits? Otherwise, we all know the weight's not going to stay off.

I gotta say, I worry that it seems like her attitude/approach is still in many ways unhealthy. Trading the scale in for dress measurements was a smart move, because the scale can only serve to drive us women batty when overused and sometimes even when regularly used. But aspiring to be a size TWO ... I dunno, it sounds like if Kirstie doesn't adopt a less extreme perspective on maintaining a healthy weight, she'll just be setting herself up for disappointment.

Do you think Kirstie will sustain her Dancing With the Stars weight loss? How do you feel about her wanting to be a size two?


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