5 Earth Day Promotions That Are Good for You, Too

earth day recycling Earth Day, April 22, is fast approaching. While some people will celebrate all things green with river cleanups and walk-to-work initiatives, others are taking a more retail-based approach.

Stores everywhere, including Old Navy and Origins, are doing cool things to commemorate Earth Day and get you in the door. I know what you're thinking: What's the big deal? Well what if I told you that stopping by all of these spots this Friday will actually make you healthier and happier? Starting at Starbucks ...



The perfect way to kick off your Earth Day, Starbucks is offering a free cup of java or tea if you bring along your own tumbler. Hello, coffee has looooaaaaads of health benefits! From protecting your brain from the ravages of Alzheimer's disease to reduction of cancer risks, this deal is totally worth taking advantage of. I suggest bringing an extra large mug.


Bring empty cosmetic packaging to your nearest Origins store and get a free sample! That means out with the old, not-so-healthy, oil-based junk that's clogging up your pores, and in with goodness. The company uses 100 percent essential oils, potent plants, and organic materials for their products. That means better products + out with the old = A happy you. 

Disney Store

Bring in five plastic bags and get a free reusable tote bag on April 22 at the Disney Store. Who doesn't love green tote bags? Don't worry, I didn't forget the health benefit to this dealio, bargainistas. If you use both your standard purse and Disney's tote bag, you'll evenly distribute the amount of junk crucial items you carry day-to-day. Even weight distribution will make you look like a bag lady make for better posture! Pure genius. I know.

Old Navy

Old Navy has teamed up with TerraCycle, a free waste collection company, to do good this Earth Day. Stop into Old Navy this Friday and donate your used, beat-up flip-flops. Your old soles will be melted down and turned into cool playgrounds around the U.S. What's in it for you? Maybe one day your kids will play on these playgrounds! AND this means you'll need new flip-flops! Since an old pair of flip-flops can harbor more than 18,000 bacteria -- I'd say that's a good thing.

National parks

OK, so no retail stores here, besides maybe a nearby gift shop. However, since admission to all U.S. national parks is 100 percent FREE on Earth Day, this promotion gets an honorable mention. And that's free admission to all 394 parks, to be exact. Take this opportunity to get your fitness on, burn some calories, and sight-see in some of America's most beautiful locales.

Do you have any healthy plans for Earth Day?

Image via Finding Josephine/Flickr

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