'Biggest Loser' Recap: Hannah's Sob Story Ends in a Win

ken biggest loserOn last night's Biggest Loser, the competitors were still in New Zealand, but the game has changed. There are no more teams -- they're all out for themselves as "singles." And for the first hour of the show, we saw the competitors reunite with trainer Brett (we knew he'd be baaack!) and face their fears through even more adventures set against amazing NZ backdrops. One after the other, they bungee jumped, dove off of cliffs, scaled mountains, and went riverboarding.

Hannah stood out as needing some TLC from the trainers, as she struggled with accepting her own self-worth. Kaylee also seemed to be battling the same demons. Between the two, plenty of tears were shed.

But I don't think the real drama got goin' until the weigh-in ...


Because she won the Challenge, Olivia had immunity. I absolutely love her; she's so real, down-to-earth, and grateful for what she's accomplished and where she is now. I really feel like she's grown and learned so much from the competition. I'd love if she won the whole thing!

Even though it didn't "technically" count, Olivia dropped 4 pounds! She said she found her inner athlete, which is amazing! Irene also lost 4, then Rulon lost TEN! He said it blew him away. Austin lost 5 pounds, and says he can't be upset with that. (Seriously -- I cannot stand when the guys lose 4 or 5, and everyone groans. What?! Not everyone -- not even big guys -- can pull 7- to 10-pound losses on a weekly basis, m'k?) Anyway, Austin's attitude ("This is living! This is amazing!") is why I heart him! What a sweetie-pie. I'd love it if he won, too. 

On the other hand, can't really stand Jay -- he's such a downer. Just like his daughter Jen who annoyed me, he's so numbers focused and competitive, whining that as he watches his name fall closer to the yellow line, he feels like he's "losing the race." Shaddap!

Hannah lost 3 pounds, which put her close to elimination. But she looks amazing, and 3 pounds is A LOT for a woman once she's close to her goal weight. Agh.

Then, Kaylee gained 4 pounds last week, then lost 5 this week (hmm, anyone else sense monthly goings-on as a reason behind those 4 pounds last week?). That strange weigh-in knocked Hannah below the yellow line, along with Ken.

Together, the bottom two had to make their case to the rest of the group. Hannah explained how she still needed more help, support, and belief in herself. (I say she needs to lean on Jillian, but was stuck with Cara for some reason this week.) Sister Olivia backed her up saying, "She's close to finishing and I don't want her to not be able to finish." Ken talked about how he's become more comfortable expressing himself, but on the whole, I was rooting for Hannah to stay. Ken's just ... dull. And kinda whiny.

With the votes coming out a tie, Ken ended up getting eliminated automatically, because he had the lowest percentage of weight loss. Can't say I'm that sorry to see him go. Although it was cool to see him face some of his greatest fears, like doing that crazy jump off the Sky Tower with Bob last week. But I just relate more to Hannah, and I have a feeling Ken will be fine at home. In fact, as we later saw at the end of the show, he has been just fine. In fact, all of a sudden, the dullard is actually a thrillseeker!

Of the remaining contestants, who do you relate to the most?



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