Instructional Bath Towel Has to Be the Biggest WTF Product Yet

true clean towelConfession: In some ways, I'm a bit of a slob. I tend to be in a rush when I'm getting ready, and as a result, I'll leave bath towels hanging on random doorknobs throughout the apartment I share with my boyfriend. I'll toss "half-worn" clothes in a pile adjacent to our hamper and neglect to hang them up or put them away for days. I know -- I'm a little gross. But I'm also a daily shower kinda gal. I may be disorganized, but I prioritize being and feeling clean. And never, in my 27 years, have I ever felt unclean, because I didn't know which side or end of my towel had been used for my face or my butt when I used it last. Apparently, some people have a problem with this.

That's why an OCD freak a graphic designer from New York named Adam Ross has created the "True Clean Towel," an instructional bath towel that sports the outline of a body, which kind of reminds me of the chalk outline you see in crime scenes on shows like CSI ...


The figure's head is labeled "Top," and its genital area is labeled "Bottom," just in case you weren't sure what was what. This way, you can towel-off free of worry that the side of the towel you used last to dry off your behind isn't the same square of cotton now cresting over your mug. Owning this peace of mind comes with a price tag of $19 per towel.

Apparently, Ross was inspired to invent the instructional towel after his fiancee had a traumatic experience:

She got out of the shower and accidentally used my towel. When she realized what she'd done, she was thoroughly grossed out and found herself wondering where my towel had been. I didn't know how to answer that since I really didn't know myself. That sparked the idea for the towel.

Okay, sure, I've been there, too! Whenever I've accidentally used my boyfriend's towel, I've been skeeved, but HELLO! That's why you make sure to use your own damn towel. And seriously -- how much bacteria and other nasty nonsense is a towel used on your just-cleaned body passing on to your again-just-cleaned body? 

I mean, really, Lord knows how we've survived without the True Clean Towel for thousands of years! You'd think we'd have all been infected and died of E. coli poisoning by now! In all seriousness, aside from its appeal to the odd germaphobe, this towel is a total waste of time. If you're that grossed out by where your towel may have been, get a SEPARATE ONE for your face. In my opinion, the True Clean Towel seems to be transforming an annoying obsession for being sanitary to insanity.

Do you think the Truly Clean Towel seems useful?


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