Shed Pounds This Passover With 4 Sneaky Tricks

PassoverHave you heard about the latest fad diet? It's called Passover! Every year, Jews (and non-Jews, too!) hop on the celebratory bandwagon, ridding their diets of excess carbs in honor of the Israelites' journey out of Egypt. It totally makes sense, if you think about it: A week-long purge of any foods made with grains or bread products can really do a thing or two for your waistline.

But I say, why stop there? I promise, you can eat your matzo and have your Manischewitz too! Check out some of these great tips that will help you burn some extra calories at tonight's Seder. It all starts with setting the table ...


Speed setting: Passover, like many other holidays, is a time for families to get together. And although you may not exactly be looking forward to hanging out with your Great Aunt (or her lingering perfume smell) after a long day at the office, I promise you her presence is to your advantage. More family members mean more place settings. And like my grandma used to say, "The table isn't gonna set itself, you Meshugenah!"

Challenge one of the younger family members to a speed setting match. Plates, napkins, Seder glasses, Seder plate ... the whole nine yards. The extra pep in your step will help you sweat out that extra glass of wine. AND the table will be prepped and primed for dinnertime. Two birds, one stone. BAM!

Get your ladle on, girl: Next to the abundance of wine, matzo ball soup is probably the best thing about Passover Seder. With a table full of hungry mouths to fill, that's a lot of product. Volunteer to be at the soup-serving helm. If you've done it right, your balls should have some weight to 'em. Many balls + a continuous arm motion + added chicken stock and veggies = A dinnertime workout.

Hide and go seek: Who says that finding the afikomen has to be just for the kiddos? For the unaware, it's customary in Jewish households to hide a piece of matzo in a napkin, otherwise called the afikoman, to eat after the meal. And generally, it's fun for the little ones to seek it. Worried little Zachary is a tad too competitive for your nature? Then choose to be the "hider" and get a bit creative. No one said that your friend's house down the street wasn't a good hiding place! Perfect time to escape your relatives burn some extra calories for a quick extra evening stroll.

Play photographer: Sure, although we all joke that family can get a bit stressful sometimes, it's important to cherish the memories. Offer to be your Seder's photographer and get a bit crafty with angles. Floor shots, aerial shots ... the house is your oyster. Moving around will keep your heart rate up and your metabolism going.

Do you keep Passover? Will you be celebrating this evening?

Image via sffoghorn/Flickr

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