You Will Hear & Feel Loud New Ambulance Siren

Have you ever been surprised by an ambulance on an emergency call? Maybe if your car stereo was on full-blast, or if you were talking on the phone (hands-free, of course)? With new super-loud, vibrating sirens, this shouldn't happen anymore. They're designed so you can feel them.


They're called Howler sirens, and they vibrate within 200 feet. Their boom sounds like 80s video games played at earsplitting levels, according to a story on An Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) spokesperson says the new sirens sound and feel like vacuum cleaners on steroids.

Ambulances in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are being outfitted with them to cut down on traffic accidents. Reportedly, the most frequent complaint for drivers, especially when they get hit by an ambulance, is that they didn't see it coming.

Howler sirens should change that. And if they reduce accidents in Oklahoma, they'll be coming to our towns, too.

What do you think? I'm all for safety and saving lives, for sure. But as a mom who never blasts music too loudly in the car (my ears are sensitive), and honestly, I can't remember an ambulance ever sneaking up on me, I'm also afraid that our world just keeps getting louder.

And what is the one thing you would take from your home if there was a huge emergency? JrsMommy07 asked this question recently in the Just For Fun section.

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