'Biggest Loser' Recap: Moses Helps Olivia Have a Baby

biggest loser blue teamIn an amazing twist to probably end all twists, the final nine contestants were sent to NEW ZEALAND on last night's The Biggest Loser.

Given the incredible amount of weight they've collectively lost, Alison told them that they've earned the trip, and now they're going to go start their new life by doing death-defying stunts in a completely different, totally lush, world-class "mecca for adventure." Wow! Amazing! With the exception that they flew all of them "economy" class (What is this, NBC? You're suddenly too broke to spring for a decent 14 hour-flight for the contestants of one of your biggest shows? Lame!), it was a major treat.


For the first part of their trip, the contestants faced their fears BIG time! Even Bob joined Ken in facing a fear they shared -- heights -- by jumping off the 1,076-foot Sky Tower along with Jillian and the most of the contestants (not Rulon or Moses, because they were considered too heavy, and Ken, because of his heart condition).

It seemed like smooth sailing after that for awhile, as the contestants took the high seas in a sailboat, and Moses reminisced that NZ is where his dad first came before he immigrated to the U.S. UNTIL they had to endure a workout in NZ -- you don't get off easy just because you're on another continent! Like Bob said, "This is not vacation! This is work."

Suddenly, it was like we were right back on the BL campus -- the contestants had to run a 5K, but the difference here: It was a Kiwi 5K, running down a mountain, through a creek, crawling up a sand dune, and then down a stretch of beach. Talk about cinematic! The winning team scored a helicopter ride over NZ and lunch at a nearby island. Moses wanted to win it more than anyone, so it was awesome to see the Blue Team take the grand prize! Olivia and Irene were super sweet to turn over their their prize to Kaylee, so she could go with her dad.

Later, at the weigh-in, held right there in NZ, the Blue Team fell below the line, leaving Moses and Olivia susceptible to elimination. Olivia gave a little speech, explaining that one of her goals is to lose weight so she can get pregnant, and she's 35 and time's running out. That left Moses to ask everyone to vote for him, because although he wanted to stay, he wanted Olivia to be able to start her own family.

In the end, Moses was voted off, and New Zealand couldn't have been a more fitting place for him to make his exit. He even went back with his father who he calls his "idol" (awwww) to see where he received his education in the '50s. He also bungee jumped off the Auckland Bridge! Love it!

What was your favorite adventure the contestants experienced in New Zealand?


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