Laura Ingalls Gets Colonoscopy, Nellie Oleson by Her Side (PHOTO)

Melissa Gilbert Alison Arngrim
Alison Arngrim & Melissa Gilbert before the colonoscopy
As an extreme child fan of Little House on the Prairie turned writer at The Stir, I never thought I'd write the above headline, but here I am ... and who could resist? Today actress Melissa Gilbert (a.k.a. Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie) live tweeted her colonoscopy. And who was by her side for the sordid procedure? None other than her costar arch enemy Nellie Oleson (otherwise known as actress and author Alison Arngrim).

Unbelievable! But thankfully this procedure took place in real life and not on the prairie -- so no long nights in the outhouse for Laura.


Here are Melissa Gilbert's tweets from last night's prep to the post-colonoscopy today (@Arngrim is Nellie, I mean, Alison):

Let the games begin. Colonoscopy prep has started. Yikes!

It's colonoscopy day! Thank God the prep is over. I didn't sleep for two days. However, I'm looking forward to seeing @Arngrim this morning

And when it's over, to having great peace of mind.

@Arngrim and I are on our way to my colonoscopy.

@Arngrim is wearing a t-shirt from Nellie's Bar in DC. A gay sports bar. FYI- I'm incognito. Or I was until she showed up.

@Arngrim now we wait. Here's the kind if cool part. My abdomen has been this flat since before I had kids.

47 in less than a month. Hardly a Halfpint. Though I did lose gallons last night. Ugh! It was awful but so worth it.

You all realize that the point if this us to raise awareness! As well as make sure I'm healthy.

While in the midst of the horrible prep last nite I watched the second sex in the city movie. Sh_t for shat I guess.

Not sure if they'll let me bring my phone or @Arngrim in the pre-op with me. I might have to stop tweeting if they don't.

All done all clear

Going to bed and having some matzo ball soup

Wow! And wonderful that the test was clear! I know this might seem weird at first glance, but it's actually very sweet, that Melissa had her good friend by her side. Medical procedures are no fun at all and the waiting can be very stressful. However, with a friend close by to make jokes with and live tweet the whole thing for you, I imagine, it went a lot smoother.

The general recommendation for average-risk adults is a colorectal cancer screening at age 50, and every 10 years after that. Do it! And bring a friend!

Is it time for your colonoscopy?


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