Retail Therapy Is Real -- Let's Go Shopping!

shopping womanThis past weekend, I had some free time, alone, without my boyfriend. And to be honest, there's one thing in general I tend to do when that's the case ... shopping. Doesn't necessarily mean I'm buying. Saturday, I picked up some new mascara (with a coupon!) and a top (at an outlet store!). But my boyfriend -- like many straight guys -- doesn't understand why I would choose the mall over other places to spend my Saturday.

Well, now there's good news for me and other shopaholics looking for another good excuse -- besides "I'm craving new shoes, leave me alone!" Research has found shopping actually leads to a longer life. No joke!!

Well, the journal-published study actually looked at people over 65 and found that shopping every day was linked with a reduced mortality risk of up to 28 percent for men and 23 percent for women. Wow -- so maybe it pays to get your guy into shopping, if he isn't already!


Of course, this is one of those studies that is being spun around in the media as big news, but it's really just that they found an association between frequent shopping and reduced mortality. And the researchers aren't really sure why that happened.

I figure if these seniors were shopping every day, they may have been going to the supermarket to pick up fresh foods to buy and eat the same day. That in itself has to help a person live longer, because it means they're eating fewer preservatives and processed junk! I wish I could shop and cook the same day every day, but realistically, for most of us, it's usually easier to just go to the grocery store once or twice a week max. I usually buy as much fresh produce as I figure we can eat in a week and some canned/frozen stuff, like beans or certain veggies.

There's also the fact that if people get out and shop more, they're probably more likely to be social, which bolsters health, too.

Either way, however the study worked out, I don't care. I've always believed in the power of retail therapy. I actually feel calmer after scouring stores for deals, checking out shoes/makeup/clothes, picking up yummy food to experiment with in the kitchen. I guess I like the hunt. And despite dealing with crowds of people acting like morons in the parking lot, I usually find my shopping trips to be strangely therapeutic. Let's be honest -- most of us do! Good to know it's not so strange after all.

Do you find shopping therapeutic? Do you think it will increase your longevity?

Image via green kozi/Flickr

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