Breast Milk Could Change the Way We Detect Breast Cancer

breast cancer balloonsWe all know breast milk is great for many things, like feeding babies and making ice cream. But there's new research of out UMass Amherst that might prove that breast milk's talents don't stop there -- it may also come in handy when determining the likelihood of breast cancer.

Doctors examined the cells in breast milk from 271 American women who had either undergone or were scheduled for a breast biopsy, and found a pattern among women whose breast milk carried certain genes and those whose biopsies determined they had cancer.

Scientists warn that while the connection is an exciting one that could possibly lead to an easy and painless way to determine the plausibility of breast cancer in new moms, there's still a lot of research to be done. We don't mind waiting, though -- sounds like it's more than worth it.

Will the powers of breast milk ever cease to amaze?


Image via audreyjm529/Flickr

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