Man Gets Superglued to Walmart Toilet Seat by Prankster

WalmartIf it wasn't so awful, it would be kind of funny. Last week on April Fools' Day in Maryland, some guy thought it would be hilarious to put some glue on the seat of a toilet in the Walmart bathroom.

Some unsuspecting chap came along to do his business, and he got stuck. The 48-year-old man was actually glued to the toilet seat and couldn't get up. He called for help, and when paramedics arrived, they worked to remove it for 15 minutes before giving up and taking him to the emergency room -- with the toilet seat still attached to his rear.


Thankfully, he only suffered minor injuries to his derriere, but the humiliation of the whole situation was probably a lot worse. Can you imagine? According to police, the man wasn't specifically targeted; he was just a random victim. Poor guy, and he may have the last laugh. Police say if the prankster is caught, he will be charged with second-degree assault.

Regardless, this story should serve as an important reminder to us all: Never sit on public toilet seats!

What the worst prank you've ever been the victim of?


Image via Walmart Stores/Flickr

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