'Biggest Loser' Recap: Brett the Trainer Was Sent Home!

courtney biggest loserLast night's Biggest Loser might have been one of the more predictable episodes this season, but it was also one of the most heartwarming. I've always had a soft spot for Courtney, the 22-year-old who lost a little more than 100 pounds on her own before the show and then lost 92 pounds at the Ranch. She's a Midwestern girl with a heart of gold, and from day one, you could tell she was in it to win it. She's rarely lost focus and consistently been pleased with even the smallest losses.

And lately she's had to stay sunny about those small losses, because she's been battling a plateau, losing only two pounds last week. Compounding Court's situation, the way the game has played out, she ended up on her own last week, as a one-woman Red Team this week. With Brett as her now-personal trainer, she was staying optimistic, thinking maybe the extra one-on-one attention could give her the edge she needed to stay in the game.


But, this is still a game, and the way circumstances were set up against her, I wasn't surprised that she ended up going home this week.

What I was surprised by was the absolute OUTPOURING of love for the girl. When Courtney lost only a pound and fell below the yellow line, the weigh-in quickly become a test of anger management for Jillian and Bob, who lamented the loss, struggling to figure out how it makes sense at all that Courtney, who definitely has a bit of a way to go on her journey, was being sent home.

But Courtney's such a Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. She told Bob that her journey doesn't end here. (Of course it doesn't! Hello! No one's does!) And that she'd be fine and keep on pushing, day by day. Just keep moving. She's like Dory in Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

And it's that attitude of Courtney's that has endeared her to her teammates. The elimination suddenly became a sobfest, as Olivia, Hannah, and Irene each said their goodbyes. I knew they all supported one another and cared for one another, but I didn't realize they had basically become The Sisterhood of the Biggest Pants! It was really sweet, and I admit I teared up myself watching! But I know Courtney will be just fine.

What was really odd, though, was that they actually did decide to send Brett home too. I just don't get that. Why couldn't he have stayed on and helped Cara train the Green Team? Or they could have had him compete against Bob in some way. I don't know. It didn't make any sense. But then again, this season has been so much about the competition that it has rarely made sense.

At least it's reassuring to know Courtney lost all that weight before coming to the Ranch, and she is totally motivated and prepared to shed the rest of her pounds on her own before the finale. She'll be the one I'm watching for when that day comes!

Were you sad to see Courtney and Brett go?

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