Julianne Hough Secret to Award Winning Arms

julianne houghJulianne Hough looked hot last night at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Sure, that salmon color was divine for her skin tone and the gold accessories were spot on. And who doesn't love to see some skin? But the highlight of her outfit for me? Her arms! I couldn't stop looking at them!

It's hard to believe that she recently gained then lost 20 pounds. The country singer managed to melt off the weight in a healthy way, and her body is totally sick. So if she can tone and lose it, can't we all?

Screw the Dukan Diet. Take a look at Julianne's secrets for success. And I'll give you a hint, they involve eating ... all the time.


The Dancing With the Stars pro and Burlesque dancer is no stranger to a serious workout routine. But after things died down for the 22-year-old after filming, staying in shape wasn't so easy. The singer told Self magazine that the media caught on right away, and she was determined to get the "old Julianne" back.

So how did she do it? The excess pounds seemed to melt off as she stuck to a diet filled with protein and avoided sugars. No Gwyneth Paltrow-style modified starvation for this lady. Instead, constantly eating, keeping up her metabolism, and drinking juices and energy drinks were her go-to solution. And, well, I can't say that I hate her for looking this good.

Really, Hough went about losing the flab the right way. And in a society where all we hear about are these crazy diet fads, it's comforting to know that you can eat right and see results. Of course, this isn't me saying that eating right will guarantee to rid you of the extra belly pooch and give you fantastic flab-free arms. Exercising, even if it's just parking farther away from the grocery store during your weekly trip, is critical to a healthy form of weight loss. It's all about staying active, and like Julianne -- admitting to yourself that you want to make a change and you're willing to commit. Looks like I'll have to take a nice little walk and grab myself a healthy snack, STAT. Oh, and a dress like that wouldn't hurt either.

What did you think of Julianne's look last night?

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