Photo Frame Scale Guarantees You'll Never Weigh Yourself Naked Again

photo frame scaleThe Japanese have come up with some of my favorite inventions. Hello Kitty! Karate! Noodles in a cup! But when they fail, boy do they fail!

Take the new digital photo frame. Which is also a scale! No really, that's what it's called. The Photo Frame Scale. Company Hashy Top-In advertises the item you're supposed to step on with a picture of a cute baby in the bath and a little word bubble coming out of his mouth that says, "Don't Step On Me." GREAT! Like we needed more reasons to avoid the scale?


Really, folks! In the naked state in which I usually weigh myself (lest I spend too much time debating whether I can add a pound for the dampness of that towel, subtract for the weight of my glasses ...), the last thing I want to see is my little darlin' staring up at me. Staring up at my naked cha cha to be exact ... no, I don't want to think about that image anymore.

Moving on. Stepping on the scale is scary enough. I do it as rarely as possible, especially in the winter months when all it takes is the red lines left by too-tight jeans to remind me that I'm gaining weight. But anything that makes the scale scary is bad for weight loss.

Studies have actually shown frequent weigh-ins are BETTER if you want to lose weight. A daily weight check allows you to modify your daily routines before pounds slipping back on become a problem. It makes you more accountable for your weight than putting it off for a month or even a week. 

So, who wants to have a picture staring up at them making them feel like they're being judged for eating that piece of cheesecake? NOT me! But if you do, hit the Hashy Top-In shop (hopefully you can read Japanese).

Just put it away in a closet before I use your bathroom, OK?


Image via YouTube

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