Urine: Are We Pissing Away a Valuable Commodity?

urineNow I'm not one for potty talk, but it seems everywhere I turn lately, there's boasting of one beneficial bodily fluid -- urine. Yes, urine, piss, pee, wee wee, that stuff your son and husband leave splattered all about -- whatever you want to call it. Apparently it has all sorts of potential that many of us just flush down the toilet each day.

From cooking to weight loss, there are a plethora of paths that pee can take to help people if we can just get over the ick factor -- which is admittedly high. It's certainly got the environmentally friendly thing going for it, and it's about as renewable of a resource as you can get. So its potential deserves more than a pissing passing glance. Here are few of the many incredible uses for urine:



Hold your gag reflex, but in China, urine-boiled eggs are considered a delicacy. It can't be just any old pee used in their preparation though; it has to be that from boys 10 years old and younger. Get this -- buckets are actually placed in schools to collect it fresh each day! The eggs are first boiled in their shells, which is almost bearable, but then they take the shells off for a final boil in the urine. Chef Lu Ming told metro.co.uk:

The eggs are delicious and healthy. They stop fevers and can help you concentrate if you're feeling sluggish or sleepy. We are having a big export push because we want people outside China to fully appreciate the delicacy of our cuisine.

Weight Loss

If you haven't heard of it by now, there's a real diet -- the HCG Diet -- that calls for injections of a pregnant woman's pee into your body. With the pee plus a 500-calorie-a-day diet that supposedly fills you up, you can lose up to a pound a day. The FDA has yet to approve it, but that's some pee with promise.

Fetish Fulfillment

An Ohio man, Alan Patton, was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail for trying to capture boys' urine in public restrooms. Apparently over the years he has repeatedly been found putting cups in public urinals to catch urine with an intent to later drink it. As disturbing as it sounds, if he could just buy it to get his fix, then he wouldn't have to go creeping around bathrooms. Knowing that people like him exist adds just one more to my list of reasons that my son will not be allowed in the men's restroom alone until he's 35.

Medical Therapy

Some believe urine can fix what ails you. From hair loss to blisters, splash some on and see results. Got gum problems? Gargling urine may help. Soak your whole bod in it for healthy skin and hair. Urine therapy, the wave of the future?

Would you try any of these unique urine uses?

Image via Knowtex/Flickr

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