Is Britney Spears Already Past Her Pop Peak? (VIDEOS)

britney spearsBritney Spears released her new album Femme Fetale yesterday. She's been doing the whole media shtick and showcasing her new tunes with a promo tour that kicked off last weekend in Las Vegas at The Palms, followed by a performance Monday on Good Morning America. In between appearances, a diva's gotta eat. But one thing's for sure: Brit's NOT eating fast food, and definitely not boozing it up. The pop princess has banned alcohol anywhere near her, and asked boyfriend Jason Trawick to avoid bringing junk food when he comes to see her.

In her prime, Brit was eating right and kicking some pop tush. Then she fell into the habit of hitting the bottle too hard, and her performances seriously suffered. Now, she's taking the healthy high road to see if she can get back into the swing of things. And I hate to say it, but if she fails -- Britney may be done-zo.


The rumors are that Brit's trying to lose about 10 pounds or so before her summer tour. The star, who's known for her love of fast food, is threatening to let go any of her dancers who show up to practice or shows hungover. It's VERY apparent that she's not just trying to whip her own booty into shape. She's trying to whip theirs, too! 

In her most recent gigs, she looks a tad tired, as if she's just going through the motions. I'll go ahead and say it: I really miss the "I'm a Slave 4 U" Spears. In her prime (which I'll deem as 2000 to 2006), the momma of two was a dancing machine! Back in 2003, Brit was 22, in shape, and a role model to little girls everywhere. A few years before her memorable "paparazzi" crotch flash incident, the former Mouseketeer was still singing her own songs (WOW!) and shaking it on stage. Here's Brit in 2003 performing "Me Against the Music" for MTV's Total Request Live.

Do you see those moves? And how she's genuinely excited to be on stage? A healthy, happy Britney has a passion for her trade. And as the new millennium continued, that passion seemed to dwindle. Slowly we began to watch as the great B. Spears had two kids, started drinking, went through a divorce, and well ... sucked. Here she is drunk performing "Gimme More" at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

What. A. Wreck. And now, we have this:

It's not her best work, no. But MUCH better than the VMA wreck of 2007. It's scientifically proven that losing a few pounds will up her energy level, and swapping alcoholic drinks for alternatives will up her attentiveness. BAM! Before we know it, we may see more than just Britney Spears on stage, but a great entertainer. A girl can only hope.

What do you think? Is Britney losing her flair?

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