‘Biggest Loser’ Recap: The Mother of All Easter Surprises

Jen Biggest LoserSurprise surprise -- last night's episode of The Biggest Loser was filled with MORE game-changers. For starters, Ali brought the 12th team -- the team that didn't make it onto the Ranch -- back to see if they could "earn" a spot on the Ranch. The son-mother team of Vance and Leann had been trying to lose weight on their own at home during the last three months, and were told that if they were able to beat the person with the lowest percentage of weight-loss on campus (Kaylee), they would have earned themselves a spot. Crazy random, right? The mother-son team ended up coming short, but still did AMAZING -- losing 30 and 45 pounds apiece.

The second game-changer that actually changed the game: After losing a pop-up challengeJen and Courtney got kicked off campus for the week!


They were given a budget of $1,000 and a menu of options for food, exercise, and other "luxuries" from which to choose. The girls ended up choosing a gym membership over training with Brett, which they quickly regretted, and everyone -- including Brett and Jillian -- treated it like a travesty. But, give me a break -- they should be able to take care of their own physical fitness for one WEEK! Shouldn't they?

Jen even admitted that if they don't know how to work out and cook healthy for themselves at week 13, it's kind of a problem. But, on the other hand, they picked massages and a dinner out instead of spending on Brett. So, it was anyone's guess if they would be able to hold their own at the weigh-in, especially while lacking a team member.

The competitors also took part in a "Mother of all Easter egg hunts" challenge, looking for all of the eggs in their team colors. The prize: Tickets to the movie premiere of Hop, which comes out this Friday. Cross-promo much? There was also a special, surprise prize hidden in a golden egg, which Olivia ended up finding. But the prize wasn't all that exciting -- it was the "Only Vote" at the elimination. Eek, as long as her team didn't lose the weigh-in, Olivia would be the only one who would decide who would go home this week.

So the Black Team was especially freaked out about losing the weigh-in, because if Olivia maintained the "Only Vote," she obviously wouldn't send her sister Hannah home.

When he only lost 5 pounds, Rulon acted totally disappointed, but Jillian called him out for his sneaky, poor eating habits. His main offense: Sneaking a big bag of tortilla chips. (Likely more than one, because just one bag of chips couldn't have tipped the scale?) It was a good lesson for him to learn that he can't get away with this sneaky business. Where does he think he is? But then, like that, Hannah didn't lose anything! Eeeeek!

Some golden egg prize!!! At that point, it seemed like Olivia was stuck in such a crappy spot. But, you know things on this show change on a dime, and in the end, it turned out that she didn't really have to make a decision at all. 

The Red Team weighed in and Courtney lost 2, while Jen pulled ... a 0, which meant she was eliminated immediately. Gotta say I wasn't that sad to see her go. She's been so numbers-obsessed (which drives me nuts, because that is NOT 100 percent what this should be about), and then she was really the one who had made the decision to scrap the trainer for massages and a dinner out. While she should have known how to train as hard without Brett, obviously he would have been helpful to the girls this week. 

Next week, Courtney will be a one-woman Red Team, but I think she can hack it!

Do you think the competitors need their trainers at this point in the game?


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