Jennifer Hudson New Hot Body May Cost Her a Man

jennifer hudsonJennifer Hudson has been pretty up close and personal about her life post-weight loss. It's almost as if Weight Watchers corporate prodded her to be a "walking billboard." Oh wait, she actually said that about herself last night to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show! Eek! No pressure or anything, right?

But what was a little more worrisome is that she explained how her fiance, David Otunga, isn't really a fan of her 80-pound weight loss. She said:

He's getting adjusted to it. He's not really into change that much ... He fusses at me like, "Why do you have to get all dressed up to go out and why can't you just go out like you used to."

Ouch!! You'd think after dropping all of that weight and gaining "10 years of her youth back," the father of her 19-month-old son, David Jr., and hubby-to-be would be a little more supportive, perhaps?


Sadly, I think what appears to be going on between Hudson and Otunga isn't all that uncommon. Many times, when someone drops a significant amount of weight, his or her partner may feel like they're getting left in the dust. That they're a part of that person's "old life."

For Hudson and Otunga especially, I can see how this would be a particularly tense experience to go through as a couple. Not only has she lost a RIDICULOUS amount of weight and looks like a completely different person, but she's been so public about it. Not saying whether it's justified or not, but Otunga could very easily feel like he's living in her shadow ... and be suffering from a bruised ego. But too bad, right?

I know another couple who got divorced, because the woman lost over 100 pounds, and her husband just felt totally disillusioned with the new version of her. He probably didn't feel like he was good enough for her anymore. It's definitely sad, but what's a girl supposed to do? Deny herself wellness, because her hubby isn't comfortable with it? Hell no!

It would be unfortunate to see Hudson and Otunga split, but if they're going to have a fighting chance, he's really got to come around and realize that she's AMAZING! That she's better off and their whole family unit is better off, because she's happier and healthier now. Hopefully, he'll soon get over this whole "oh no, I'm not into change!" thing and realize that her well-being should be his one priority. Otherwise, I hate to say it, but Jennifer deserves better!

Do you have sympathy for David Otunga or do you think Jennifer needs to find a guy who is more comfortable with who she is now?


Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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