Reebok EasyTone Never Felt So Good

reebok easytoneThe following is a post from our sponsor, Reebok.

Walking never felt so good. Fitness never looked so good. And training never sounded so good. Featuring Moving Air Technology, Reebok’s EasyTone features built-in balance pods under the forefoot and heel. These pods transfer air in response to your stride and create micro-instability with every step you take. It’s a feeling like walking on a sandy beach. This beautiful shoe not only helps you look great, but also feel great. Get moving with EasyTone today!


Now that you got the shoes, you need the proper attire to get out there and start moving. So Reebok designed the EasyTone Apparel Collection, an innovative performance line that uses our proprietary ResisTone™ bands designed to create resistance as you move. Wicking away moisture, accelerating evaporation, increasing ventilation, reducing chaffing, and not trapping heat are just some of the great reasons EasyTone apparel is the perfect purchase. These stylish shirts and pants can be worn to work out or as everyday clothing. Get moving with EasyTone.

What’s your favorite way to get moving?

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