Serotonin Study Only Fuels Homophobic Crazies


serotonin miceWhen are researchers going to learn that studies in mice are usually a waste of time? In some cases, a dangerous waste of time ... 

Most recently, a study from the University of Beijing found male mice who were genetically engineered to lack serotonin (the mood related neurotransmitter) acted bisexual. In over half the cases, the boy mice who lacked serotonin got jiggy with other boy mice first. 

Great, so now we know that less serotonin may equal more tendency toward homosexuality? In mice. Because researchers say it's also not clear that any of this can be "extrapolated to humans."

So what the hell was the point of this study?

The only thing I can think of is if maybe researchers wanted to know more about mice sexuality, but I don't really think there's much value in that, right? What's creepy is that whatever their intentions were, this study's findings open a big ol' can of worms regarding human sexuality.

The researchers even seemed to realize that, because they warned that they fear people will look too far into their findings and attempt to apply them to humans. And seriously, that is the LAST thing we need, when we're already dealing with more than just fringe groups of looney toons in this country who are inventing "homosexuality curing" iPhone apps and others who think that homosexuality is a "choice," or a "lifestyle," or that people can just turn it on and off like a light switch.

Already, this study is starting to rear its ugly head in the media, being reported under headlines like "Sexual preference chemical found" that are noting how "a preference for females could be 'restored' by injecting serotonin into the brain." Danger, danger!

Worst case scenario: This could lead to even more (because there have already been) studies on gay men who have taken anti-depressants (which increase serotonin) in an attempt to act or feel less homosexual. I mean ... ughh!! Really? Aside from the obvious cringe factor of this kind of research, this is what science is spending time on? When we've got climate change to worry about, the threat of radiation on our health, lack of clean safe drinking water all over the globe, etc.?

Just cut it out, seriously. These researchers need to back away from looking this closely at rodent sexuality, and listen to some Lady Gaga to get a friggin' clue. Because, baby, they were born this way, okay? End of story.

Do you think this study's findings are potentially dangerous?


Image via Stephen Michael Barnett/Flickr

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mommy... mommythree0508

There's got to be something better for them to be doing....

Proud... ProudSingleMum

Oh my. SO many things come to mind. First off, I LOVE how they find that "in mice" lacking seretonin causes homosexual activity. BUT...if anyone brings up homosexual behavior being wrong, people cry "Well animals are homosexual'. So...which it is...can we care that animals are homosexual or not? Is it only okay if it serves one side of the cause? *SMH*

Here's a question....what IF they discover that low seretonin levels exist in would that affect things? Would it be considered a disability? Would people take supplements? Woudl no one care?

sunny... sunnybunny5us

I still think this could be useful in the field of pest control. I'm not sure what else it could be good for. I've been looking for a humane way to get rid of the mice, and even though it could take a while eventually it would be effective.

sunny... sunnybunny5us

Oh wait never mind, it won't get rid of the mice. It's officially useless.

nonmember avatar Rodney

Sexual perverts can be cured by off the shelf generic drugs. This is great!

butte... butterflymkm

I really hope Rodneys comment was sarcastic

nonmember avatar Robert

SSRIs will make you asexual before they make you heterosexual.

nonmember avatar Lili

Wow... obviously someone has NO IDEA how science works, otherwise we wouldn't be seeing such idiotic comments and articles. What an embarrassingly uneducated population... IN BIOLOGY YOU DO RESEARCH ON ANIMALS MODELS, AND THE CLOSEST ANIMAL MODEL WE HAVE WHERE WE CAN DO KNOCK-OUT STUDIES PERFECTLY IS THE MOUSE MODEL. Once you establish something in the mouse model, then you move on to cats/primates... and then look at humans. But you can't just KNOCK OUT serotonin system in people because... it's WRONG and ILLEGAL. And these results are based on many mice, not just one. When people do studies on flies or fish or mice or cats or monkeys THEY'RE OFTEN TRYING TO LEARN HOW A GIVEN SYSTEM MIGHT WORK IN HUMANS. Pick up a book sometime will you?

bsawy... bsawyer84

Yes Lili, your use of capslocks has made us all see the light of day. Thank you.

I agree with Maressa, this study has potentially scary side effects.

ladys... ladysylpher

Besides the study did NOT find them to be 100% gay,  it said they were bi-sexual.  And some of the fringe would be ok with that as long as guys are still getting busy with girls and producing offspring and getting married,  regardless of what they do on the "side"   lol


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