Steal Debbie Reynolds' Diet Secret That Helped Liz Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds
Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds
Once BFFs, Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds had an extremely famous female rivalry back in the late 1950s after Taylor stole Reynolds' husband Eddie Fisher. A grieving Taylor leaned on Fisher after her third husband and Fisher's best friend Mike Todd died in a plane crash, leaving her a widow with their infant daughter. Fisher stepped in to fill the void, in more ways than one, and broke his family up as well as poor Debbie's heart.

Hollywood starlets of their era, Taylor and Reynolds eventually reconciled but not before they tangled a bit. In fact, one of Reynolds' favorite diet tricks stemmed from her disdain for Ms. Elizabeth Taylor.


In her 1987 weight-loss book, Elizabeth Takes Off, Ms. Taylor explains that she has Debbie Reynolds to thank for her most effective diet trick. At one point, gossip got back to Taylor that Reynolds kept a photo of Elizabeth at her heaviest on her refrigerator door. It served as a reminder for her about what might happen if she kept opening the fridge door.

Elizabeth, with a beautiful sense of humor, writes:

... I thought, well, if it works for Debbie, maybe it will work for me. I stuck a picture of myself at my worst on the refrigerator, and every time I went into the kitchen, there was my corpulent self reminding me of what would happen if I broke my diet. That sight was an excellent deterrent to bingeing. If you think a picture of me as Miss Lard will inspire you, go ahead and put it on your refrigerator, I have no objection. Certainly there are enough photos for you to choose from.

That is hilarious, but I don't think a "fat Elizabeth" photo is going to help stop me from visiting the fridge. Maybe if I just stop putting so much good food in it. That could help.

Upon the announcement of Liz's passing today, Debbie Reynolds did release a lovely statement today about her frenemy Elizabeth Taylor:

... she was the most glamorous and sexual star of our generation. No one else could equal Elizabeth's beauty and sexuality. Women liked her and men adored her, and her love for her children is enduring. She was a symbol of stardom. Her legacy will last.

Aww, how sweet and amazingly good-hearted. I do wonder if Debbie still has that "fat Liz" photo up on her fridge though.

Have you tried putting photos of yourself -- in good shape or bad -- on your refrigerator in an attempt to lose weight? What about photos of your frenemies? Any luck?


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