Face Transplant Dad Gets to Kiss Daughter Again

Dallas Wiens DoctorsBack in 2008, Dallas Wiens was involved in an electrical accident that left him blind and without lips, a nose, or eyebrows. Now the 25-year-old father is getting a second chance, and looking forward to being able to kiss his little girl once again. The construction worker from Texas became the first person to receive a full face transplant in the United States on Monday at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

For two years, Wiens had no distinctive facial features. So now that it's all said and done, what's his daughter, and the world, have to look forward to?


Reportedly Wiens is already able to talk on the phone and his daughter is super stoked for his return home. Weins told the press:

[My daughter says] God and the doctors are making Daddy's boo-boo all better. She doesn't care and she never has since day one that I was disfigured.

The donor for Wiens's face transplant was matched based on race, age, gender, and blood type. And even though he has their face, he won't exactly have their identical appearance. According to his plastic surgeon Bohdan Pomahac, he'll be something sort of in between, although there are no photographs of Wiens's progress at this time. Currently, doctors are monitoring the healing process and waiting for the swelling to go down.

I can't help but think: What if this happened to my family? I hate to say this -- but it's hard not to imagine the torturous stares this girl will experience from other students come time for elementary school parent teacher conferences or the inevitable mindless teasing from immature classmates. The family will have to be strong. But really, after watching this video and hearing his positivity, I have no doubt that the morality is there.

Will his new face be beautiful? Probably not. But the story itself is. Although Wiens's vision won't be restored (doctors still don't have the technology to implant functioning eyes), he will gain back a majority of feeling in his face and have some sort of identity again. At 25 years old, the Texan still has so much of his life ahead of him. And as a father, he has so much time to enjoy with his daughter.

Like Wiens's daughter, I would want the best for my father, had this incident happened to him. I would want him to have another chance at feeling my kisses on his cheeks. The most important thing here is that despite a very dangerous accident, this girl will grow up having a father. My heart goes out to Wiens and his family during his recovery.

Has anyone in your family ever had serious facial reconstructive surgery? What do you think about Dallas Wiens's story?

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