'Biggest Loser' Recap: Is Kaylee Being Held Against Her Will?

biggest loser kaylee mosesAlthough last week's Biggest Loser focused on the contestants coming together as one cohesive Blue Team, you knew the kumbaya vibe wasn't going to last for too long. Oh, no no. Last night, the contestants learned they had to "draw" dumbbells that would sport one of four colors (Green, Black, Red, or Blue), and they would be getting split up in four new teams, each to be headed up by one of the trainers.

In turn, everyone kinda tweaked out.

I don't know if the producers just played up their fears, because it seems kind of silly that at this point in the game, any of them would be nervous about going with another trainer. I thought they had all worked out with all four of them at some point or another? So, it's NOT like if Justin (who's devoted to Brett) ended up with Jillian, it would be the end of the world! But you would have thought it was.


Justin actually landed on the new Red Team with Brett, but there were some mix-ups. For instance, Moses, who had been with Cara and Brett all along, ended up with Bob on the new Blue Team. Rulon ended up with Jillian, who had just been waiting to dig into the Olympic Gold Medal winner ...

What followed was actually kind of kumbaya. Each trainer took their new trio (Black Team was actually short by one person, but more on that in a sec) for a little bit of a mind-body, soul-searching workout. Jillian took her new duo, Hannah and Rulon, to her beachside pad, and ended up having a heart-to-heart with Rulon. Brett took the Red Team (Justin, Jen and Courtney) for a hike, and they all teared up when they talked about the kind of inner strength and confidence they've acquired on their journey thus far. Cara took the Green Team (Kaylee, Austin, and Ken) to a boxing venue where they learned that they were all fighters, and Bob took the Blue Team (Irene, Moses, and Olivia) to his old gym, Crunch for a grueling spinning class.

It was awesome to see all of the competitors sort of doing a "self-check" and learning how far they've come, then deciding to push themselves further. I was especially impressed with Kaylee and Olivia.

Kaylee, who is pretty much at her goal weight, realized that she's gained everything she possibly could from her experience on campus, and decided that it was time for her to go home. She realized that she's "no longer that quiet girl who doesn't stand up for herself" and she decided she's ready to take her new life by the horns. Cara was none too happy with this, encouraging her to stick it out "til the end," but what if this is Kaylee's end? I thought it was really wise for a 20-year-old to see that. And Cara was annoying for pushing her. It's not like she has even more than a couple of pounds to lose.

And Olivia, who confessed that she had always run away when she hit a plateau with her weight in the past, got a great pep talk from her hubby when she got the opportunity to video chat with him. From that point on, she knew she had to "walk up to that wall and move past it." It paid off -- she ended up dropping FIVE pounds! I wanted to stand up and applaud for her!

Of course, it wasn't all happy-go-lucky-time on the Ranch this week. It was serious, too -- like when the Black Team was faced with bringing back a contestant who had been voted off! Crazy! They decided on Jay (Jen's dad).

Later, tempers flared! During the weigh-in, Kaylee had pretty much made up her mind to be the one who was eliminated, but teammate Ken ended up dropping a whopping seven pounds, which, in turn, would keep her "safe" from elimination. When that happened, Ali totally lost it on Ken and Kaylee, her eyes bugging out of her head, scolding them, "This is not a prison!" She was obviously annoyed that anyone would try to "throw" the weigh-in. (That seems to be happening a lot in this season, and it is annoying!) But she still scares me.

Ali went on to tell Kaylee that she could leave if she wanted, but someone from the Red Team would still have to be eliminated, so with the guidance of her dad, Moses, Kaylee decided she'd stay. (I guess she really didn't have much of a choice.)

In the end, Justin took the fall for the Red Team, so that Courtney could stay. We came back full-circle to everyone tweaking out, because like Marci before him, Justin was a Captain to just about every competitor. But clearly, he'll be just fine. When the cameras caught up with him at home, we got to see that he's started his own boxing club, where he makes a point to  "call out" people who need a wake-up call about their weight -- and then he helps them. Yay. Kinda reminds me of Full House -- everything ending tied up neatly in a pretty red bow.

Were you also proud of Kaylee and Olivia for their personal victories? Do you think it's annoying how competitors have been trying to "throw" the weigh-ins?


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