Woman Smuggles 54 Bags of Heroin in Her Super Vagina


cave cavern openingA woman named Karin Mackaliunas just got busted in Pennsylvania for hiding and carrying -- get this -- 54 bags of heroin and 46 other miscellaneous objects like prescription drugs and loose change and such IN HER VAGINA!!! Imagine the muscle strength required to keep all those items up in there! I mean at least when you're carrying around a big baby during pregnancy, you have the closed cervix on your side. I think this woman's vagina must be totally bionic.

Has she somehow mastered the art of the Kegel exercise in a very big way or what?

Scranton police initially found three bags of heroin in Mackaliunas' coat but then saw her fidgeting in the back of the patrol car. Yeah, I bet she was fidgeting. She was holding 100+ objects inside!!!

So which came first, you think? The vaginal strength -- did she do Kegels or glute squats like a madwoman to prepare for her role as a drug trafficker? Or by some awful life circumstance, was she forced to find the vaginal strength to carry 100 mostly illegal objects in her lady parts? All I know is she probably has a book deal waiting for her when she gets out.

What do you think about this story?


Image via NeilsPhotography/Flickr

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Zamaria Zamaria

BAHAHAHAH!!!! I just don't even know what to say about that! I'm wondering how she fit it all in there!

coral... coralbeth

Lmao love the picture! But this just sounds phony. How big is a bag of heroin anyways?

Amanda Rosansky

first of all.... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! 2nd... OUCH!!! 3rd-what the heck??? wonder how much someone paid her to do this????

WHY??? crazy stupid woman!!! lol

Cindy Harp

Ha ha! She had $51.22 + 8.5 pills and more!! Can we say CRAZY???


lovem... lovemybaby72

im speechless. How the heck did she fit it all in there and it not hurt??? Maybe she slept w a guy who has a record breaking you know what lmao jk

lfrrll5 lfrrll5

My husband an ex drug addict said the heroin is a very small bag like the size of a small corner cut off a sandwhich bag. So apparently its possible but would still be hard


satch254 satch254


Jennifer Marie Miller

One of my many questions... why $51.22? I mean, I could see a $50... maybe even $51... but, what's with the 22 cents?? No wait, forget I asked... :-p (And yes, that is the least of my questions :-p)

Cheri Sears

The bags are only about the size of one of those really really small balloons like you would use for water balloons.  Like another person said, cut the corner of a ziplock bag, and it's about that size.  Pea size for comparison, so it's not difficult to imagine, although it would still be difficult to keep a whole bunch of small things up there.. unless she plugged it with a tampon, which might have been a smart idea, but from the sound of it, she didn't think about it.

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