Look! Even Ke$ha Looks Like Crap in a Bikini!

kesha ke$ha beachFinally! St. Patrick's Day, a sign we're really headed into spring! And though we should be coming down with spring fever with temps over 45 degrees, it seems like this time of the year can become absolutely anxiety-ridden for many women. Call it a whole other kind of March Madness. The cause can be summed up in two words: Bikini season. AUGHHHH!

Well, if you've been emotionally scarred by bikini season, here's something to make you feel better about yourself: KE$HA! She was recently photographed on an Australian beach in a high-waisted, suuuuuuuper unflattering bikini! She probably chose it because she doesn't have much of a waist, and maybe (like many of us) she's even a little insecure about her stomach, but this suit is just bad, bad, bad all around. She's got an awesome, athletic body -- you can tell! -- but she also looks like a NORMAL PERSON. No apparent ribcage or jutting clavicle bones. Not even a six-pack or a four-pack in sight. Oh-em-gee. What's that all about???


See, I kinda love that Ke$ha doesn't look like a waif-ed out Vogue model, glossy Sports Illustrated model, or even a ripped Jessica Biel-type, because it kind of puts the whole "bikini season" madness in perspective ...

Most of us grapple with feeling bad about our bodies 24/7/365, but March through June seems to be the peak time for magazines, talk shows, diet companies, etc. to play on our insecurities. "Don't you want to be SLIM by summer?" "Be cellulite-free and bikini-ready in a month!" "Go on this extreme diet to be skinny AKA SEXY because you want to look acceptable in a bikini right?!?" It a whole lotta noise, but a lot of us can't help but see it, hear it, and feel it weighing us down, making us miserable -- consciously or subconsciously.

And usually, celebs are held up as an example for us to aspire to. They're the ones the media and advertising folks want us to see as role models. The underlying message being: "If they can look this hot in a bikini, so can you." Except ... no. Their photos are airbrushed/PhotoShopped and before that, they are worked out and dieted like it's their job (oh, wait, it is their job!) to infinity and beyond.

But then, occasionally, you see a celeb who really DOES look "just like us" in a bikini!

Someone who looks like she could be your best friend, your neighbor, your sister. And you think, "Okay, if she can rock a bikini while looking generally normal and healthy, so can I!" And you can, because that's all you really should be concerned with anyway ... looking healthy and more importantly, being HAPPY!

Does all the talk about "bikini season" make you anxious about your body?


Image via Red Wasp/Blue Wasp/Splash News

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