Take This Job & Shove It, I Want to Be Happy!


happy faceHave you ever wanted to tell your boss to take this job and shove it, but fear a future that involves you depressed in your bathrobe weeping at daytime television with no purpose in the world? Well banish that thought from your head, and banish your job blues if you can, because a new study says when it comes to your happiness, quitting your crappy job just may be the best thing you can do.

That's right, they found people who are unemployed are actually happier than those in jobs that stress them out and aren't fulfilling. Just having a structured day and a purpose when heading off to a job each morning isn't enough if when you get there, you're miserable.

Interesting, and it makes sense in some respects. I'd certainly be happier sitting home watching TLC's Baby Story over and over than having a bad boss yell at me all day for using the wrong kind of paper clips. But, uh, what if I had to hawk my TV because I couldn't pay my bills?

From what I read of the study, they didn't interview any unemployed people who were evicted from their apartment and had nowhere to go about their happiness. I'm no scientist, but I'd venture to guess they'd be happy to go back to stapling with any kind of staple necessary. They say money can't buy happiness, but most people get pretty grumpy when they're hungry.

Now if your income wasn't going to be affected one way or another if you worked in the crappy job or stayed home, then I can't imagine anyone not being happier choosing the latter. I'd even venture to say that a good majority of people in amazing jobs they love would be happier not working IF they were going to make the same salary. I think most people can find plenty of purpose if they have the cash in their pocket.

The takeaway here is that job satisfaction is important to our health, because it's likely a rare day that anyone is going to pay you NOT to work. So if you're in a crappy job, quit -- but you'll probably be happiest if you have another one lined up first.

Have you ever had a job that made you unhappy? How did quitting it affect your happiness?

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Magen Kauffman

My husband quit a job he hated (after he found another one)after 2 years of hell. It was so bad, it made him physically sick to go into work. He was popping pepto every morning b/c the thought of going to work made him nauseous. He now has a job he loves, but he still has occasional nightmares that he's back at his old job!

nonmember avatar Lori

Magen, I totally get what your husband felt. That's exactly what happened to me my last year of teaching. Pepto and saltines for breakfast every day, 6-month battle with mono (so fun when wrangling middle schoolers),and high blood pressure that nearly got me hospitalized. Super sucky. I've been unemployed for most of the past couple of years (just got a job again this month--yay!) but I will never ever go back to teaching. I'm making less than half what I was then, but I'm happier now (and was even when I was unemployed!) on my worst day than on my best as a teacher.

Mommy... MommyPeggyLee

Yes I had a job that made me very unhappy. No appreciation from staff for a good days job done. Crappy, rude customers makes for the the most HORRIBLE job ever. I also seriously sinking into a depression because of my job. I agree with nmmama09 that said it really diminishes your quality of life.angry

Anne Sambora Ginsberg

I once was hired for a job that my gut was SCREAMING at me not to take, but I had to because my temp job was ending.  I knew the first day there that it wasn't going to be good.  Second day there I sat down, looked at my watch and thought, 8:01.  Only 7 hours and 59 minutes to go.  Eight days later, I was fired.  I walked out to my car and thought, THANK YOU G-d!!!   I landed another temp job a few days later.  I firmly believe that things work out for the best, and now I ALWAYS listen to my gut!


ethan... ethans_momma06

Crappy job stress is horrendous. Quiting said crappy job even understanding that things are still going to suck it in major bad ways still isnt as bad.

mesai mesai

OMG!!! I had one of those HORRIBLE jobs, for just about a year. It was sooo bad that I quit as soon as I saw an opportunity (My mom broke a rib & I asked if I could come help out & she was out of state).  I was lucky that I qualified for unemployment to pay my bills until I found another job, but I was sooo much happier once I did. Over a year later, and I'm in a job that barely pays all the bills, but I'm having WAY TOO MUCH FUN to really complain. 

karis... karischub

In college, I worked at a restaurant where it was really uncomfortable because of one of the managers... After the third time he made me cry in a week, (no, I'm not someone who cries regularly...) the cook offered to get me an interview at one of his friend's restaurants... It was the best decision I could have made. I was SO MUCH HAPPIER and to top it off I made more money at the new job!

Pnukey Pnukey

Sure, I was happy until I couldn't pay my bills. 

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