Take This Job & Shove It, I Want to Be Happy!


happy faceHave you ever wanted to tell your boss to take this job and shove it, but fear a future that involves you depressed in your bathrobe weeping at daytime television with no purpose in the world? Well banish that thought from your head, and banish your job blues if you can, because a new study says when it comes to your happiness, quitting your crappy job just may be the best thing you can do.

That's right, they found people who are unemployed are actually happier than those in jobs that stress them out and aren't fulfilling. Just having a structured day and a purpose when heading off to a job each morning isn't enough if when you get there, you're miserable.

Interesting, and it makes sense in some respects. I'd certainly be happier sitting home watching TLC's Baby Story over and over than having a bad boss yell at me all day for using the wrong kind of paper clips. But, uh, what if I had to hawk my TV because I couldn't pay my bills?

From what I read of the study, they didn't interview any unemployed people who were evicted from their apartment and had nowhere to go about their happiness. I'm no scientist, but I'd venture to guess they'd be happy to go back to stapling with any kind of staple necessary. They say money can't buy happiness, but most people get pretty grumpy when they're hungry.

Now if your income wasn't going to be affected one way or another if you worked in the crappy job or stayed home, then I can't imagine anyone not being happier choosing the latter. I'd even venture to say that a good majority of people in amazing jobs they love would be happier not working IF they were going to make the same salary. I think most people can find plenty of purpose if they have the cash in their pocket.

The takeaway here is that job satisfaction is important to our health, because it's likely a rare day that anyone is going to pay you NOT to work. So if you're in a crappy job, quit -- but you'll probably be happiest if you have another one lined up first.

Have you ever had a job that made you unhappy? How did quitting it affect your happiness?

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yogap... yogapantz

My husband has worked a job he hates for the past ten years, just to keep us in insurance and with a roof over our heads. He's getting laid off, and tonight is his last night. I'm SO looking forward to having a husband who isn't a raging asshole because he's so stressed out about his job, I'm not even worried about living on a lower income thanks to unemployment. He is taking this opportunity to go back to school and get trained in a more recession-proof line of work, if the job he's interviewing for in April doesn't pan out.

Gomez... GomezMami2908

I would be happier too but excuse me if I don't want to live off welfare. I like having money to buy my kids things, taking trips with my husband, having dinner dates, ect. We have to make sacrifices, so people just need to suck it up like everyone else! 

medic... medicwife

Quitting my soul sucking job was the best thing I ever did! I had a job 3 days later but we could survive without my income. It would be tight to say the least but we could do it.

MaggieCC MaggieCC

I have been in a job I hate for 11 YEARS!  It really diminishes your quality of life but I like my house and I need to pay my bills - so I can't just quit!

I think about not having this job everyday of my life!!!!!

nmmama09 nmmama09

I am seriously sinking into a depression because of my job. I sometimes sit at my desk, close to tears because I hate it so much and I have to force myself to get out of the car in the parking lot. It is starting to affect my home life, I am grumpy when I get home and I have been picking fights with my fiance. I would love nothing better than to quit, but with 3 kids, I can't do it.


I had the most HORRIBLE job ever about 6 years ago. Quitting it was teh best thing EVER.  I wanted to have a party after I left.  lol

cosmi... cosmicnoodles

You will never regret quitting a job you hate.

I did the beginning of February and everything fell into place.  I'm not on welfare, I'm not doing without, and it's made me happier, more fun to be around, and I've been more creative than I have in years!

I also lost 8lbs without trying - a nice benefit to not stress eating at a desk for 9 hours a day!

Have faith that it'll be ok - life is too friggin short to spend it hating yourself 40 hours a week!

Check out my experiences here:  http://cosmicnoodles.blogspot.com/2011/01/how-i-quit-my-job-and-bought-new-boots.html

DomsM... DomsMama07

Yes I have!! After I quit I felt less stress.

sodapple sodapple

hubby did and yes, he is happy.

Peajewel Peajewel

I got laid off of my full time job and have been working a job that pays A LOT less than my regular job.  I will eventually need to go back to my other profession but never the same company I worked for.  I loved my job, hated the company.  I am so very happy where I am now and I make less than half of what I made before.

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