'Biggest Loser' Recap: Gotta Love Marci's Big Sacrifice

marci biggest loserOh, thank goodness! Finally, this season of The Biggest Loser seems to have evolved into a show with a soul! No more Red Team vs. Black Team mind games. This week, the 12 remaining contestants became one big (well, no, not really so big anymore!) BLUE TEAM! The goal was to lose 64 pounds total as a team, and if they could accomplish that, everyone would be safe from elimination. 

In order to lose those 64 pounds, the guys -- most of whom had been on the Red Team with Cara and Brett -- got pummeled in the gym by Jillian and Bob. The women went to Cara and Brett, and they showed Cara how tough they could be at boxing, while Brett did a not-so-subtle product placement segment with Marci and Courtney. (Hate those! I really hated the one Cara did a few weeks ago for FiberOne bars, aka high fructose corn syrup/trans fat/sugar bomb-in-disguise bars.)


They also had to do a fun challenge, in which, after being paired up in teams of two, the contestants had to create the best/healthiest meal they could think of in 30 minutes. (Whatta buncha Rachael Rays!) The judges: Sexy Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia, of course, plugging America's Next Great Restaurant, duh. Most of the competitors came up with some really pretty-looking, healthy, delicious food -- that was fun to watch!

And then there was another challenge involving pulling heavy ropes and digging in rocks and sand and ... BL trivia. Oh yes, it turned out to be as severe as it sounds. Hannah even suffered an injury while digging at one point. (They never really addressed what exactly happened, though, so I guess it must not have been that bad, but it looked painful in the moment!) The good news was that they won that challenge and got a 5-pound team advantage on the scale. So, then it was only 59 pounds they would have to lose collectively.

Over the course of the week, it was obvious that everyone worked their asses off. What's more, you could tell the contestants were bonding as one happy Blue Team, which was awesome. But, of course that meant that they all wanted to really "pull their weight" on the scale, so that no one would have to go home.

It's funny -- no matter how hard they obviously worked, the women who are closer to their goal weights pulled lower numbers, 4s and 3s mostly. It got "worse" when Marci got on the scale ... she lost nada, zilch, zero. But she's clearly at her goal weight. Then, Kaylee got on the scale (the last one, natch) and GAINED 2 pounds. She was miserable, but Jillian was right -- she lost 7 pounds last week, and so this week, the gain was probably just evening her out. She also looks very, very close to her goal weight. This is just how the scale goes for most women!

Sadly, though, the team fell short of the 59-pound total loss, and so they headed into an elimination.

Kaylee may have been the only one who gained, but Marci wanted to be the one voted off. It made the most sense after all; she was just plain ready to go! Kaylee wasn't.

Now, I get why Courtney wouldn't have voted her mom off, but I couldn't BELIEVE that Jen had the audacity to vote for Kaylee. She drives me nuts because every week, she's desperately numbers-focused. (She cried when she lost a pound last week.) I can't wait to see what happens when she gets down closer to her goal weight and is losing a pound a week ... or 0 ... or +1 one week, -1 the next over and over again. Is she going to be able to suck it up or is she just going to keep beating herself up? (I really feel like they need to talk about that more. Lasting, healthy weight-loss is as mental as it is physical.)

But anyway, thankfully, even though most of the team thought of her as a mother figure and wouldn't want to see Marci go, they respected her wishes and realized that it was the right thing to do to vote her off. Now, she's maintaining her goal weight and looks amazing!

Of course, everything can't stay happy rainbows and sunshine pants in Biggest Loser Land. The preview for next week showed that someone who was voted off is coming back (hissa-wha?!), and someone else seems to think being on the campus is like being in prison ...?! Guess NBC can't contain the drama in this show for too long!

Do you think it was Marci's time to go home?

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