10 Reasons I Miss My Lunch Break

ClockThere isn't a moment that goes by that I miss working in an office. The commute, the high heels, the office drama, the long hours ... no, thank you. I am completely content working from home with my ass firmly planted on my couch. More than content ... thrilled. Except for one thing I remember fondly. That precious little thing called a lunch hour.

Oh, the lunch hour. The one hour that makes working worthwhile. When you work from home, there is no such thing as a lunch hour. From home, the laundry and dishes and bills call your name incessantly. But, in an office, that hour is an hour of alone time. Of productivity. Of peace. I pity the fools who sit at their desks eating sandwiches as they type away. I used every damn minute of that hour for myself. I lived for that hour.


On my lunch break, I ...

1. Planned my wedding. I booked the caterer and the florist and the band. I printed the programs and scoped out bridesmaid dresses and dealt with hotel accommodations. I did it all.

2. Did my food shopping. So what if I got weird looks as I walked back in the office with arms filled with grocery bags? It saved me a trip after work and I picked up lunch to boot. Win-win.

3. Perused book stores. Remember the feeling of walking into a book store and getting lost for an hour while sipping a cup of coffee? I hardly do, but I remember loving it.

4. Worked out. By worked out, I mean that I used the treadmill for 10 minutes, sat in the steam room for 20 minutes, and then showered. And shaved.

5. Paid bills. They seem so daunting at home, but take no time at all to bang out while chomping on a turkey club.

6. Got my eyebrows waxed. Such a small little task that I could never otherwise find the time for. So what if I was red and blotchy for the rest of the day? Small price to pay.

7. Ran to the mall. Why wait in return lines with the rest of the world on Saturdays? Lunch hour mall trips are the best.

8. Got pedicures. Really, I can't think of a better way to spend a lunch hour. Can you?

9. Napped. Yes, some days when I was really, really tired, I would go to my car and take a 30-minute power nap. It did a world of good. Except for that one time I didn't wake up for 3 hours.

10. Job hunted. What better place than at work to look for new work?

Do/did you take advantage of your lunch hour?


Image via deapeajay/Flickr

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