Kate Middleton Slim-Down a Sign of Eating Disorder?

kate middleton prince williamPrincess-to-be Kate Middleton has always been beautiful, healthy and fit, but as we get closer to the royal wedding on April 29, she's starting to look like she's losing too much weight and wasting away.

When making an appearance this week in North Ireland, reporters heard onlookers remark that Middleton looked too thin. One woman even told her "not to lose any more weight," and Middleton said it's part of the wedding plan. Obviously, that hasn't gone over well, because the royal fiancee really doesn't need to lose -- and at this point, probably shouldn't -- slim down any more. (Just look at those spindly knees. Sigh.)

It's not that I don't get what Kate means by her "wedding plan." I'm a 27-year-old American woman -- 95 percent of my peers have done or plan to do some extreme dieting for their Big Day. Several of my friends have ended up looking thinner than they ever have on their wedding day ...


As long as they weren't underweight, I guess it's fine, but it's scary to me that my friends and Kate would compromise their health for the sake of being a stick-thin bride.

Yes, there will be a lot of pictures taken, and of course, white isn't the most forgiving color. But starving yourself or working out like a madwoman in order to get to a weight that you'll struggle desperately to maintain is never healthy. And it could prove risky. Just a few health woes caused by too rapid/extreme weight loss: Lethargy, mood swings, memory loss, lowered libido (not a fun thing for any bride-to-be) and increased risk of infection (also, who wants to be sick on their wedding day or honeymoon?)

But, okay, say that rockin' the gaunt look is not intentional. Say Kate's just getting too slim, because she's actually very stressed out by the wedding planning. (Who wouldn't be when the whole world is watching?) That's a possibility, but I really do hope she's watching to make sure she's staying healthy every step of the way. (Meaning ... eating real food! Staying physically fit but not overdoing it!) No one wants to see her turn into Diana, who fought a tragic battle with bulimia and was dangerously thin on her wedding day.

But with hope, Kate's super-slim new look isn't a sign that she's struggling to cope with the pressure. It isn't a sign that she thinks she has to be rail thin to please anyone (including herself). It's just a side effect of stress. If that's the case, hopefully, she'll be flaunting her previous, beautiful and healthy figure, if not before, then soon after the royal wedding day comes and goes. Because everyone wants to cheer for a happy, healthy princess.

Do you think Kate Middleton looks too thin?


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