Anything Goes in a Rock 'N' Roll Marathon

Rock 'n' roll marathon las vegasWhen you think of running a marathon you probably think of New York or Chicago or some other place that's at least generally associated with health and fitness, and not ... Las Vegas. Not that it doesn't take an incredible amount of stamina to pound back dozens of tequila shots or anything, but  ...

It's time to change our overall perception of Vegas from the place where everyone lets their inhibitions run wild to the place where lots of people run. And it couldn't have name more in sync with the vibe of the entertainment and party city: the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon.

This year's event is December 4, and promises to be an experience few will ever forget.


Maybe the handsome men will be a little intoxicated. But here's the good news: By the 4 p.m. start time, Vegas party-goers have been gambling for hours at this point. You know what that means? Entertainment, and lots of it. Aside from the rockin' tunes of tons of live bands, you'll also have the pleasure of hooting and hollering drunk men around mile 6, 9, 16 ... you get the point! Men love the sight of a woman getting her fitness in. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to snag a few numbers in between strides!

Attached? Not a problem! If there was ever a reason to travel to Vegas without a guilt trip from your significant other, a marathon is it. Hunny, I'm going to Vegas for a long weekend for a bachelorette party the marathon just sounds so positive and fit, doesn't it?

Best of all, anything goes in Las Vegas. Hell, if you wanted to wear a dress up like an '80s rockstar and blast some Ke$ha on a boombox while running the entire 26.2, you would most likely develop a fanbase. Let's be serious: Who doesn't love funky workout gear, a side ponytail, and a good pair of leg warmers?

And speaking of neon, the lights of the Vegas Strip are sure to keep things interesting. I may sort of be like a little kid when it comes to all things bright and shiny. But really, with flashing things everywhere (and I'm not talking about the strippers) -- who wouldn't be entertained?!

If my powers have persuasion have helped at all, then get your rear in gear and head over to their website to sign up TODAY. Registration is temporarily open until tonight at 5:45 p.m. PST -- and doesn't open up again until May 31. Still unsure? Well, if you're going to wait it out and weigh a few more pros and cons, at least now you've got something to go on.

Would you consider running your first marathon in Las Vegas?

Image via Dawn - Pink Chick/Flickr

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