'Biggest Loser' Recap: Sarah Deserved to Go Home!

sarah biggest loserOn last night's Biggest Loser, we got to see an all-female Black team go head-to-head with a mostly-male (save Kaylee) Red team. Somehow, this is supposed to be fair, but I'm not buying it. The hitch this week was that each team got to choose a captain, and then only two contestants got to work out with their trainers, and one contestant was designated the team chef. Marci headed up the Women, while Justin headed up the Red team; Olivia went into the kitchen (considering it a dry run for motherhood), and Ken cooked all the Red team's fare.

All of these adjustments just made the competition seem even more contrived. If the rules are always changing, how are we supposed to buy the results? Blech

The worst part was when both teams headed to the scale ...


If you just look at these two teams, you see that the Black one is made up of women who are getting closer and closer to their goal weights. They're mostly under 200 pounds. They're not going to shed 8s, 10s anymore. That's just not how it works for smaller women, sorry. Then, you've got the Red team, and it's 99 percent HUGE guys! Ken, Justin, Rulon, Moses ... they're all over 200 pounds, they can still easily pull big numbers. And that they did. Most of them lost about 8 pounds apiece on the Red team. 

On the other hand, the Black team contestants were lucky to shed 5 pounds. Marci dropped 5 somehow -- even though she looks like she's basically hovering right around her goal weight -- and then it was kind of downhill from there. Jen only lost ONE pound, and she started to cry. I seriously want to shake that girl. Shut up! Would you rather lose a pound or gain a pound or stay the same? A loss is a loss. Sometimes your efforts don't turn up on the scale, or they don't turn up until the following week. Why is no one telling her this? Annoying.

But also -- part of the whole ruse -- if they don't literally "pull their weight," they feel like they are letting down their teammates.

Well, Marci was the one who ended up feeling like she really let everyone down ... by losing that 5 pounds! She lost the highest percentage of body weight out of all the Black teamers, and so she had immunity. Her plan to sacrifice herself for the younger members of the team was foiled! In the end, the team ended up voting off Sarah. Sweet, way-way-too-nice Sarah, who had been in an awful car accident just three years ago and didn't think she'd be able to walk again. Who still seemed to need a lot of help to just believe in herself. (Earlier in the episode, we see her tell Bob all about it, as he trains her and coaches her mentally that she can do it. That she's the only one standing in her own way.)

But it worked out for the best. When we checked in with Sarah to see how she's done since she left the BL campus, we saw that she was obviously capable of taking care of herself sans BL. She looks amazing and feels stronger than ever. She does rock-climbing, and she's really excited to have a baby. You can't help but feel elated, seeing how elated she is!

Next week, they're putting everyone together on one big cohesive team and telling them that they have to lose a set number of pounds to achieve immunity. Sounds like another game-changer, but at least it's one that will switch the contestants out of this Male-Female mold that is certainly nonsensical. Hopefully, once and for all!

Do you think it makes sense to have men compete directly against women for most pounds lost?

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