Naked Therapist Sarah White Gives Great Session

naked therapistI shudder at the thought of going to therapy. Yeah, like I want to sit in a room and tell some stranger that I'm a compulsive belly button lint picker, only to have her tell me it's my mother's fault? Ladies and gentleman, have I found the therapy for you! It was invented by a "therapist" named Sarah White (I'll get to the quotes around therapist later).

And get this. She doesn't do Freud or Jung. She gets naked and totally strips her clothes off as the session goes on to "use the power of arousal to help you gain more control over your life."


Ok, so it sounds a little nutty. And considering her site doesn't make it crystal clear whether or not sexual activity can happen (there's a vague warning that "If I feel you are out of line, acting disrespectfully or cruelly towards me, I will warn you that if you continue that behaviour, I will terminate the session"), she may even be a little slutty.

But here's the goofy thing. What did your mom always tell you before you had to go give an oral report in front of your class, and you were scared out of your mind? Picture everybody in their underoos. You'll be set at ease in no time.

Now apply it to therapy. You're terrified of talking about your innermost feelings. You're feeling judged. Until the therapist gets nekkid, and you can laugh at how silly you were to be worried. You can let it all out -- how Jimmy down the street used to call you a fat cow, and that sparked your eating disorder, or how you have these awful dreams involving a bloody knife. Whatever it is. 

Only, I don't think I can recommend Sarah White. For one thing, the 24-year-old "Naked Therapist" (as she calls herself) doesn't actually HAVE the credentials to be a therapist. On her website, she claims that's because nudity is currently forbidden in the therapeutic setting, so she is attempting to change that with a PhD dissertation on Naked Therapy (and of course her $150 sessions -- some in person, some over Skype). And the medical community is not so happy to have this sexy 24-year-old in teddies taking away their clientele.

I will admit a little judgment here. Sarah White is just too pretty to be my naked therapist. It's not fair, but how am I supposed to feel more secure if the person in front of me is all kinds of hotness? I need an ugly therapist with a little bit of flab to strip down. Yup, that would be the distraction I need. 

How about you?


Image via broken.lights/Flickr

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