'Biggest Loser' Recap: Arthur Falls and I'm Cheering

arthur biggest loserOn last night's Biggest Loser, we finally got to see a little more human interest than die-hard competition. All the remaining contestants were allowed to go home for two whole weeks!

This was a blessing because, whew, not only was it great for the contestants to see their family and friends, but it was also refreshing for us viewers to see everyone out of their day campy tees, shorts and sweats for the first time and in regular clothes!! (And wow, do they all look incredible showing off their eight-week weight losses! The women in particular looked like rock stars in their jeans and fitted tops!) But going home was also a curse, because it means facing "curve balls" and all of the things that brought the contestants to the Biggest Loser Ranch in the first place ...


After teary, emotional homecomings, the Losers had to face their realities. Austin celebrated his birthday with his friends, who were shoving cheesecake in his face ("Austin, YOU get the biggest piece!" -- wow, great friends ya got there, bud) ... Courtney had to serve fries and ice cream at her family's junk food restaurant (torture much?) ... And everyone had to try to motivate themselves to stay as active as possible, because when they got back to the Ranch, they were to compete in a 5K.

Fast-foward two weeks later, and Arthur -- who swore up and down that his number one goal was to not gonna come in last -- lost the 5K ... But it wasn't like he didn't try. He said he just "ran out of gas." It was really sad to watch it all go down. The guy weighs almost 400 lbs. at this point, but think of how much he's accomplished -- he used to weigh over 600 lbs.!!

The punishment for coming in last was not being able to choose which trainers/team you wanted to work with in the remaining leg of the competition. So, Arthur was shuffled off to the Red team, where he has no alliance whatsoever with any of the members or trainers Cara and Brett. It was pretty much a sure bet he was going to get voted off, unless he somehow got immunity on the scale by losing the highest percentage of weight loss ... He came in two pounds shy of that goal.

What followed reaffirmed why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bob Harper. Realizing Arthur would be forced to go home, he did not hold back. He said it was total BS (there were more than a few bleeps when he talked) ... that of course, as a BL vet, he gets that the show is a competition and there are alliances among competitors, BUT The BL house was BUILT on helping people like Arthur, who clearly still need to the support of the program. No one on the Red team was willing to sacrifice themselves for Arthur, though, so in the end, he went home.

I did feel disappointed for him at first, but then I thought, "Well, it's not these trainers/producers responsibility to make sure he loses ALL the weight." It's their job to put on an entertaining program, hence the competitive aspects of the show. Now, Arthur has to go home (something that was bound to happen sooner or later) and take care of business. He promises that when we see him again in the season finale, he'll be half the man he was. I believe he can do it, I'm cheering for him to do it, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the results.

Do you think the Red team was right to vote Arthur off the show or should someone have sacrificed themselves for his well-being?

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