Daily Pizza Diet Saves Woman's Life

Domino's PizzaFor the past three years, 82-year-old Jean Wilson of Tennessee ordered a large pizza every single day. But rather than kill her with all its artery-clogging cheese, that pizza likely saved her life.

It was a compassionate Domino's Pizza delivery driver, Susan Guy, who noticed that Wilson hadn't placed her usual order in a few days. Guy told WMCTV how she asked her boss for permission to go check on her:

He was like, "Naw, you don't have to do that," and I said, "Yeah I do. Clock me out if that's what you gotta do."

When she got to Wilson's house, there was no response.


She banged on doors and windows, but nothing. Not willing to just forget about her loyal customer, she went to a neighbor's house to see if he'd seen Wilson. They called 911, and after breaking down the door, police found her lying on the floor.

Apparently she had fallen a few days prior and couldn't manage to get to the phone. She was taken to the hospital and treated.

Besides the great irony of a pizza diet saving someone's life, I love little stories like this that show sparks of great compassion in an often dreary world. So often we go about our daily lives interacting with people without ever giving them a second thought or a kind word. And there are plenty of people out there who could use just that.

Susan Guy is an amazing example of an unsuspecting hero whose small kindness made a huge difference in the life of someone else. Guy remains humble and told WMC-TV, "I'm overwhelmed. I'm just a pizza deliverer, that's all."

Kudos, Domino's. Your pizza may not be my favorite, but if Susan Guy represents the kind of people you hire, then you're doing something right. And you should give Ms. Guy a big bonus while you're at it.

Image via dark magshin/Flickr

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