'Biggest Loser' Recap: The Parents Go Up Fighting!

On last night's Biggest Loser, we really got to see just how selfless -- or selfish -- the parents could be. How far would you go for your child's health and happiness? Would you go on a national TV show centered around competitive weight-loss, and then purposely GAIN weight to save not only your kid, but all the other competitors who happen to not yet be parents? If you're anything like the parents on this season of Biggest Loser, the answer would be a resounding "Yes!" 

Here's how all the self-sacrificial drama went down ...


This week, the teams faced the usual threat: They'd have to vote off a team member if they lost the weight-in. Fine. But, Ali warned them that they would be fighting for themselves as individuals as well, because whoever -- of all the competitors -- has the lowest percentage of weight-loss will fall below "the red line" and be sent home, too. From that point on, all we heard from both the competitors and the trainers (oh, and of course, Ali) was, "OMG, the red line! The red line, the red line!! THIS WEEK THERE IS A RED. LINE."

In an attempt to stay above that dreaded red line, Cara and Brett took the Red Team to a Mixed Marital Arts gym, and later, in an emotional boxing match with Cara, Kaylee realized she's got a hidden talent: She's a mini-George Foreman! Meanwhile, over on the Black Team, Marci and Jesse were bickering about who should take the fall (or the gain, in this case), so that none of the "kids" would fall below the red line. (Jesse was like, "I'm not going to be sent out to the pasture, just because I'm an OLD MAN! %(BLEEP*$(*)@!") This was obviously not the Black Team's week.

Fast-forward to the weigh-in, and it got even wackier. Red Team Jen, who lost her dad to elimination last week, actually gained TWO pounds after working incredibly hard all week. (Hell-o, anyone ever hear of PMS, water retention, etc.???) This, of course, shot her way down below the red line for most of the weigh-in. After that, as each competitor got on the scale, Ali would say, "You're safe from the red line, as long as you didn't gain weight LIKE JEN DID." I seriously wanted to scream and throw my remote at her blonde pinhead. Are you kidding me??? SHUT UP. That poor girl!

Anyway, it turned out Jen wasn't alone. On the Black Team, Marci gained a pound, then Jesse gained THREE (turns out, he was willing to sacrifice himself for Arthur and the other kids after all). Finally, Deni got up on the scale and GAINED EIGHT POUNDS. WHAAAAAT!? Yeah. I know.

Turns out, she was willing to do whatever it took to make sure her daughter, Sarah, was able to stay in the competition. Very sweet. Deni shared that Sarah had suffered miscarriages and that she really needed to drop the pounds so she could become a mom. (I'm sure Deni would like to be a grandma, too!) That confession on the scale, of course, turned into a totally justified tear-fest. Sarah said, "If I can be a mom like that, I'll take it!" Sniff! I needed Kleenex.

So, Deni went home, and then the Black Team (having lost the weigh-in hardcore) sent Jesse home. They both seem to have fared very well for themselves since leaving the BL campus. Good for them! Seeing parents defend their children in this way is really amazing and heart-warming, but the cynical side of me wonders ... Why didn't they have any faith in their offspring's ability to stay above the red line on their own?

What did you think about the parents' sacrifice for their kids on this week's BL? Would you have done the same thing?


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