Sheyla Hershey Breast Obsession Will Kill Her One Way or Another

Sheyla HersheySheyla Hershey, whose 38KKK-sized breast implants formerly helped her snag the title for world's biggest boobs, attempted suicide this week. It was her second suicide attempt in the past two months, and she's currently in a coma. While it's tragic, it's also not all that surprising as she seems to have little regard for her life and has repeatedly taken needless risks with it -- all in the name of large breasts.

Hershey has been agonizing over the loss of her huge boobs since she had to have them removed last year following a staph infection she developed while undergoing an operation to get even bigger boobs. Since then she has spoken out about how awful life is without her famous assets.

"I'm not as happy as I used to be, but I'm trying to accept myself for who I am, not just behind two big breast implants," she recently told Fox.

If only her story could have ended there ... but she couldn't seem to let it.


She told The Sun:

I feel so ugly without my breasts. Without them, I don't know who I am ... once I reclaim my identity as the World's Biggest Boobs, I can be a better role model for my daughter.

Clearly Hershey's sense of reality is altered, and her entire identity is tied to those boobs. She was determined to get them and it back. "I'm ready to get my breasts back and take my life back!" she told Fox.

Only instead of getting it back, she apparently tried to give it up forever when Sunday evening she took a lethal dose of sleeping pills.

Hershey has children, a husband, a life -- to repeatedly try to give that all up is devastatingly sad and senseless. While she may be obsessed with her breasts, there are surely some deeper issues driving Hershey's obsession and actions. Best wishes to her and her family for healing -- both physically and emotionally so that she might finally deal with the demons driving her to this destructive behavior before she succeeds in killing herself.

Why do you think Hershey is so obsessed with her breasts?

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