'Biggest Loser' Recap: Scale Shocker Rocks Team NFL!

On last night's Biggest Loser, a glaring gender gap took center stage on the scale. That's because the Red team is basically all huge men, while the Black team is mostly smaller women. Given the disparity, how the producers think it makes any sense to have these two teams compete against one another for highest percentage of weight lost is beyond me. But, if you watched, you know it sure makes for dramatic TV viewing!

In real life -- as opposed to reality TV -- when it comes to weighty matters, we women often resent men. I remember sitting in Weight Watchers meetings after weigh-ins, and guys would report that they were down anywhere from 5-11 pounds ... in a matter of a week. Meanwhile, women like me who weren't even close to the 200-pound mark (but still had anywhere from 10-40 pounds to lose) would lose 0.5-2 pounds a week. This is totally normal.


When you've got less to lose, you lose more slowly and in smaller increments. But we all know women also lose differently than men anyway. (For instance, my boyfriend will go on a "diet," which entails cutting all of his portions in half, and he'll lose 20 pounds in a month. Completely unfair.)

But this logic is, for the most part, thrown out the window on The Biggest Loser. Simply having huge guys like Rulon and Justin on their team, the Red team was pretty sure they'd kick the Black team's "skinny," girly butt (with the exception of Arthur and Jesse, the only remaining guys) on the scale this week. There was also the fact that the Red team got the gym exclusively, and the Black team was left to work out with Jillian and Bob outside. You can get a great workout from jogging, doing push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, lifting everyday objects. Jillian always says that in her workout DVDs, but last night, she treated this as a huge setback and was like, "OMG, you're %(&%*(&@ now that you're not in the gym!!! You're a bunch of Care Bears vs. an NFL team!! You'll never get your flabby behinds in shape NOW. ARGH!"

Anyway, yeah, the Black team was worried that they were basically S.O.L. thanks to their lack of gym equipment, lack of big male poundage to lose, and the fact that they lost the nutrition knowledge-based challenge -- in turn, one of their teammate's weight-loss would not count come the weigh-in. For some bizarro reason, the Red team chose Irene as the member whose weight-loss wouldn't count. Guess they didn't have much faith in Arthur. Can't blame 'em -- neither did his own team. They were still annoyed with him from last week.

The Black team had to lose over 50 pounds collectively to beat the Red team, and it looked like there was no chance in hell it was going to happen ...

UNTIL, in an amazing-crazy-ridiculous-only-on-reality-TV turn of events, Arthur got on the scale and LOST 20 POUNDS!!! OMG. WHAT?! This clearly sent the Black team poundage over, and everyone got weepy -- happy tears shed from the Black team and angry/disappointed ones from the Red team. It was pretty shocking.

I did feel a bit bad for Rulon, because he had a particularly difficult week. He clearly has some emotional and mental issues associated with having been an Olympian and then becoming obese. He and Cara clashed then bonded over the whole thing, and in the end, he did drop a respectable 11 pounds this week. But, oh well. Somehow, Arthur lost 20! As a result, the Red team had to vote off a member, and it was Jay. It wasn't all that sad, though, because Jay had already lost a ton of weight, and continued to succeed when he went home, reducing his risk of diabetes, heart attack, yadayada. Yay for him!

Next week, there will be an incredible amount of pressure on Arthur to keep it up, but expecting 20-pound weight-losses every week is just crazy. The teams are still totally unbalanced, and I'm almost positive that the scales will get tipped the other way next week. Poor Black team, what can they do? It's not their fault they're now made up of the Smallest Losers!

What do you think about Arthur's 20-pound loss? How about the fact that the teams are completely unbalanced gender- and size-wise now? 


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