Jennifer Hudson on 'Oprah' Really Bummed Me Out

Jennifer Hudson has been losing weight consistently for months now, but this morning on Oprah, the singer, actress, and Weight Watchers spokesperson finally shared just how much she's lost in total: A whopping 80 pounds! Apparently there's a reason we haven't heard this until now: Weight Watchers didn't want the public to be hung up on the actual poundage lost. Instead, we're supposed to be focusing on the need to change bad habits.

I actually find it kind of hypocritical that they didn't want Hudson to reveal her "number," because for all their talk about focusing on habits and lifestyle off the scale, numbers are a HUGE deal to Weight Watchers. If you don't remain within two pounds of your "goal weight," you cannot remain in good standing with the company.


But Hudson didn't focus on the number for long. She also played show and tell with Oprah, explaining and showcasing her healthy new habits. She said she prepares all of her own food and allowed the show to document a trip to the gym where she played basketball with a cousin, jumped double dutch, and ran on the treadmill. Okay, we get it, she follows Weight Watchers' Points Plus system and works out. Great.

I'm not belittling the weight-loss success she's had. Losing 80 pounds, even for a semi-coddled celeb, is AMAZING! But there's something I've been wondering all along that still bothers me ...

J. Hud does not look happy. I mean, I know the poor woman has been through a helluva lot in the last couple of years, given the horrendous family tragedy she endured when her mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew were murdered on the south side of Chicago. She even opened up about it for the first time to Oprah, and revealed that doing what she believes would make her relatives proud keeps her motivated. 

That aside, you'd think someone who lost 80 pounds would be radiating when she talks about the weight-loss itself. But when she talks about the weight she's lost or poses for advertisements for Weight Watchers, she just doesn't seem all that excited. Like many people who drop a ton of weight, she also seems to have a hard time wrapping her head around what she's accomplished. She says, "Sometimes I don't even recognize myself!" 

Something that's interesting to me that no one seems to talk about -- in the case of celebs or on The Biggest Loser -- is the psychological side of losing weight. It's not always just mini-skirts and skinny jeans sunshine. Sometimes, extreme weight-loss can make you feel like you're having an out-of-body experience. And happiness doesn't just materialize along with a new dress size. I've heard lots of women say they don't believe the mirror's reflection and they still suffer from a short-of-healthy body image. That's a problem we really need to try to work through just as much as our food issues.

My speculation aside, I do hope Jennifer is happy, healthy, and feeling great. I hope from her story, we can all learn to focus less on the numbers. Because no matter if she's a size 16 or a size 6, she's beautiful.

Do you think Jennifer Hudson seems truly happy in her new body?


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