100 Best Jobs for Moms

best jobs for momsLooking for a new gig? We've got 100 family-friendly jobs for you to consider when you head back to the grind. While it's rare that a job would meet all of our mom-positive requirements, the goal was to hit as many as possible.

We're highlighting jobs that don’t have you scrambling for a babysitter on a regular basis, and jobs that aren’t more stressful than four months of 4 a.m. feedings. Big points for jobs that don’t take you out on the road and jobs that don’t have blatant pay discrimination (even though all jobs still don’t pay equally for men and women). Finally, jobs that are meaningful could trump all of the above, because some people need a really, really, good reason to do something that takes time away from the kids.

You'll see that some of these "fun" jobs mainly meet the "low stress" criteria, which we think is massively important to your work/life balance.

Find your new career today, within these 100 best jobs for moms!


1. Interior Designer -- If you have a way with frames, fabric, and fabulousness, working for yourself as an interior designer is a great way to take control of your time while making the world (or at least wealthy people's homes) a more beautiful place.

2. Homeopath -- You don't have to be a hippie to appreciate a non-Western approach to medicine. Being a homeopath means you'll always have a remedy for cold and flu season and can keep your community healthy and happy. 

3. Landscape Architect -- Want to create a yard fit for House Beautiful? Working as a landscape architect can be the ultimate green job and mom job. Get zen working with inanimate objects all day instead of people. 

4. Life Coach -- People change careers, spouses, and zip codes like they change their underwear these days. Be the grounded guide for those confused souls and make a pretty penny while doing so. 

5. Organic Farm Manager -- Starting an organic farm is a heck of a lot of work, but in this growing field you’ll be able to put your management skills to use by running the day-to-day operations while letting the farmers spend the long hours in the field. 

6. Day Care Center Operator/Employee -- Assuming your child is the right age for day care, this is one of those jobs where you can get paid to take care of your child (okay, and several others) all day. Patience is a must, but as a mom, you already know that. 

7. Sonogram Technician -- Remember that happy sono tech at your OB/Gyn’s office who told you that you were having a girl? That could be you! In a fast-growing field, sonogram technicians are in need, and not just for baby identifying. But that's the fun part. 

8. Market Research Analyst -- Take your marketing or psychology degree and get inside the heads of American consumers and make money with that information. Sounds a little like you're a spy, right? 

9. Lactation Consultant/Doula -- Moms helping other moms during one of the most important times in her life is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, and someday will (hopefully) be covered by health insurance. 

10. City Planner -- A great city job for the organized mind, you must be able to deal with red tape. But if you can handle bureaucracy, the benefits of a government job coupled with the fun of having all those little models in your office will be awesome. 

11. Bank Teller -- They don’t call them banker’s hours for nothin'! Roll quarters, use your superior math skills, learn a thing or two about interest rates, and call it a day. 

12. IT Support -- You don't have to be a dude to be "that weird person in IT." If you can geek out with the best of them, there will be plenty of tech jobs for a mom to call her own. 

13. Photographer -- Weddings, bar mitzvahs, pet birthdays -- these are all things you can capture on film and make memories for your clients, and cash money for you.

14. Web Developer -- Everybody has a website, and you can be the person to make them pretty and functional. Do your job right and your mad web skillz will be in demand all over town. 

15. CEO -- Run things! 

16. Acupuncturist -- Sticking needles in people may sound like your aggression is getting the better of you, but this non-Western solution to chronic pain, and long-term health is a cool way to earn a living. 

17. Technical Writer -- Making people understand science, tech, and other smart talk is the job of the technical writer. Steady writing work can be yours. No, really! 

18. Human Resources Manager -- Being in a position where you can help sculpt your company's personnel policies is an advantageous place to be for a mom. Use your power wisely and all moms will be rewarded. 

19. Marketing & Sales Managers -- If you don’t know a mom who is in marketing or sales, you know someone who knows someone. Selling and making people want to buy is cake for moms who convince toddlers to eat vegetables on a daily basis. 

20. Registered Nurse -- Pretend you're on Grey's Anatomy and romanticize your day job. But don't forget nurses are in high demand, and you can potentially make your own hours here. So you'll have more time to watch Grey's Anatomy. 

21. Nutritionist -- Teaching people how to be healthy is a growth industry. Luckily, most people have to be reminded over, and over, and over again so your clients will be endless. 

22. Publicist -- One mom told me this was the perfect job. Which makes me think she works for James Franco. Regardless, a job working in PR is always interesting whether you're pushing new baby gear, or Broadway shows.

23. Personal Trainer -- Is there anyone more bad ass than a mom who's also kicking your butt into shape? That could be you.

24. Custom Furniture Builder -- Set up your wood shop and get crafty. Custom made furniture is super hot right now, and if you can't find a boutique to allow you to sell your wares, there's always Etsy.

25. Movie Star -- From what we’ve seen, being a movie star is a pretty great mom gig. Taking your kid to work with you, having a fleet of nannies, and a personal trainer to get you back in shape ... So why don't we all just do that? Okay? Okay.

26. Etsy Seller/Artist -- Now is your chance to market your wall hangings, t-shirt dresses, artsy photographs, or bookshelves (see above) and actually make some cash. The one-of-a-kind market is yours to dominate. Just don't forget to put a bird on it.

27. Hairstylist -- Making people pretty and letting them spill their secrets while sitting in your chair is a great way to spend the day. Plus, free family haircuts!

28. Retail Sales -- Jobs are plentiful in the retail sector. Just make sure you grab a position at a store where the employee discount will greatly improve your life. We're talking Target and Anthropologie, people.

29. Pharmacist -- Put those chemistry classes to work, and get a job behind the counter of your local drug store. Regular hours in health care with a good paycheck = great mom job.

30. Freelance Writer -- If your goal is more flexibility, while being able to express yourself creatively, you could do worse than freelance writing (says the freelance writer). The other benefit is, of course, no daily commute to work.

31. Pediatrician -- Who doesn't love the pediatrician? Rather than toiling away in the ER, use your medical school education to work in a practice where everyone understands when you have to stay at home with a sick kid.

32. Teacher -- Summer breaks, early days that match your child's schedule, and all of those adorable Christmas presents. Who says being a teacher isn't rewarding anymore?

33. Social Media Expert -- Moms know how to connect. After all we get creative about keeping our social groups together before we have kids, and after, we have to become experts just to maintain our friendships. Becoming an expert in this growing field, means you can use that marketing degree while staying on top of the industry trends.

34. Financial Planner -- Working with other people’s money is not only fun, it's lucrative and can help you keep your eye on the prize: early retirement and a fat college fund.

35. Yoga Instructor -- Hang out at a yoga studio and find out how to become one of those uber-flexible instructors you're in awe of -- you'll be so blissed out at the end of the day you won't notice the spaghetti on the wall.

36. Social Worker -- Choose your field wisely if you don’t want to take too much of your work home with you (although who are we kidding, don’t we all do this?). A way to help people through research, clinical work, or many other creative ways, social work can be incredibly rewarding, not to mention, fascinating.

37. Librarian -- Don't forget your sexy librarian glasses when you're organizing the stacks. Just be sure you get up to date on the digital revolution that's putting Dewey to shame.

38. Plumber -- Ladies can clear a drain as easily as the next guy, so don't dismiss a high-paying, be-your-own-boss gig because of your gender. This gig is especially rewarding if you like to show off your butt crack.

39. Party Planner -- While not everyone is Martha Stewart (thank god, right?), we’ve all had to organize an event, or step in to help out at a fundraiser. Why not put those mom skills to work and create a unique style that clients can only get from you.

40. Real Estate Agent -- Yes, the housing market is in the toilet. So now is the time to get your real estate license so you can take advantage of that upswing that's coming. It's coming, right?

41. Clergy -- Let's just assume you practice a religion that approves of women in the pulpit.

42. Graphic Designer -- We all know at least one graphic designer in the mom group. Of course, these moms often have a side business of cute onesies they sell on Etsy. But real money can come your way if you pimp yourself out to the right corporation. I hear The Gap needs help.

43. Conservationist -- Protecting wildlife and land is a noble pursuit and one you can turn into teachable moments every day of your children’s lives. Barring any natural disasters, this is a job that won’t have you burning the midnight oil.

44. Parks Supervisor -- Channel your inner Leslie Knope and keep the parks clean and beautiful for your family and the extended community. Plus, you'll know where all the good parking is when you go on a weekend outing.

45. Meteorologist -- You might not be home during snow days, but the rest of the year this on-air gig can be a pretty sweet. Rather than running out every time Lindsay Lohan gets arrested, meteorologists do their work in the office and on a regular schedule. For a position with minimal drama, move to Southern California.

46. Fashion Designer -- How many moms do we need to see on Project Runway before we realize you can be creatively employed at any stage of your life? But even if you’re not going for a runway show during Fashion Week, there are many items of off-the-rack clothing that need designing -- without the crazy hours and even crazier personalities.

47. Private Detective -- Moms already have two eyes in the back of their heads, making this a super fun job. And you'll know all the dirt about your neighbors! Just avoid the violent crime cases so you can make it home for dinner every night.

48. Community Organizer -- Say what you will, Sarah Palin, working to improve your community is a noble goal, and one that will benefit you and your family directly. But realize you’re just a few steps away from politician, which is not exactly family-friendly.

49. Telephone Operator -- This modern version of a “lady’s job” can still work for moms. Perhaps not as fun as the days of yore when you could eavesdrop on your neighbors, but much less taxing than when women had to plug away at the switchboard.

50. Construction -- Learn to operate a forklift, or just keep those burly construction workers in line by managing the work site. Either way, wolf whistles can boost your post-baby self-esteem.

51. Personal Shopper -- Calling all fashionista moms! Yes, this is a real job. Check your department stores for job listings and start spending other people's money!

52. Biological Technician -- Always had a taste for science, but skipped all those extra years of post-graduate work? Helping out with science experiments will satisfy your inner sixth-grader, while earning you a healthy salary.

53. Fundraiser -- Raising money for a good cause can put a decent amount of money into your bank account as well. Find something you're passionate about, so your enthusiasm becomes contagious and wallet-opening.

54. eBay Seller -- If you enjoy cleaning out your garage, hitting yard sales and flea markets, and then turning a profit -- get yourself set up on eBay and start reaping the financial reward. I do actually know people who make a living this way, and if you’re a computer-savvy mom, you’re already halfway there to your work-at-home dream job.

55. Professional Organizer -- In addition to the fact that you’re going to need to get your home in order once the extra people come to live with you, learning how to whip other people into shape for a living is a good gig. Just wait for the thank-you cards calling you a genius to come rolling in.

56. School Administrator -- Fulfill your teenage dream of being the boss of everyone and work on the other side of the desk at school. If you go private, never underestimate the value of the tuition break.

57. Accountant -- You may learn to hate the month of April, but the rest of the year you'll be sitting pretty, counting your (and everyone else's) money.

58. Court Reporter -- If you're a Law & Order addict, this is your dream job. Documenting all the action in court will be an eye-opening education, and give you plenty of things to discuss with your partner over dinner.

59. DJ/Party Performer -- You knew that huge record collection would come in handy someday, and that day is now! Rent yourself and your rig out for parties and keep your weekdays free for hanging with your own tiny party people. Alternately, if you have a special face-painting, hair braiding, or tea party skill set -- now is the time to bring your talent to the kid-party circuit.

60. Political or Social Activist -- If you find yourself often chanting, "Hell, no we won't go!" and signing petitions, this is the gig for you. Expect to work as a volunteer at first, but working your way up to ass-kicker in chief could soon follow.

61. Used Car Salesperson -- Not only for the mustachioed men anymore, selling cars is fast becoming women’s work. If you can convince a toddler to keep his hat on, you can convince an adult to get behind the wheel of a performance automobile.

62. Executive Recruiter -- Got a nose for talent? Helping other people find jobs is a career in growing demand. Once you’ve established a reputable Rolodex (virtual, these days), you will be sought after as well.

63. Mortgage Loan Officer -- Yes, people are still getting mortgages and they need people to help them through the process. Become an honest one and help the world, as you help your family budget.

64. Game Developer -- Impress the kids with your resume when they’re old enough to play Xbox Live (or whatever the must-have game console is in the future). Also the perfect way to show your parents that all that time with the Nintendo was not wasted.

65. Dog Walker -- Not just a job for college students anymore, you can rack up some latte money while the kids are in school and you're just hanging with your fur babies.

66. Paralegal -- Working in law without having to rack up the billable hours -- that’s  a good mom job for the legally inclined, but time deficient.

67. Hypnotherapist -- Just think about how sleepy you can make your own kids at bedtime after learning this skill.

68. Dance Instructor -- Before you hang up your toe shoes, consider what you can give back to your local community. From ball room to ballet, you can make the world a more graceful place for only a few hours per week.

69. Handwriting Analyst -- Help solve crimes while learning about your (creepy) fellow man. Also, this will help you figure out what’s up when your children start leaving you notes with excuses as to why they didn’t get home until after curfew.

70. College Professor -- Be all intellectual and stuff while educating the youth of the world. Again, did you say "tuition break"?

71. Shop Owner -- When you’re the boss, every day is take your daughter to work day. Whether you want to sell greeting cards or door knobs, being your own boss RULES.

72. Historian -- If you’ve always wanted to write a book that teenagers will moan about having to read, appear as a talking head on The History Channel, or simply learn what makes this world tick -- satisfy your curiosity as a historian. Even though you’ll probably get a lot of blank stares as you explain the Age of European colonialism, one day your children will thank you for the in-home education.

73. Baker -- If you have a partner who can take the morning shift, why not start your day with pastries, and end it in the early afternoon? Or open your own bakery (see benefits above under ‘Shop Owner’), and serve your community while creating nom noms.

74. Actuary -- If you’ve got a head for statistics, your local insurance company needs you to assess risks and calculate losses. Not the most exciting field, but with your home life completely full -- that’s a good thing.

75. Music Teacher -- If you can teach the local kids how to play Beethoven’s 9th, you’ll be the most fulfilled lady on the block (in addition to the little one’s moms, of course). Whether your specialty is violin, guitar, or a variety of percussion instruments, teaching music out of your home is a rewarding and flexible gig many a mom would envy.

76. Administrative Assistant -- Four words: You’re not the boss. Which means you can take care of your business during work hours, and leave it at the office. Some industries offer significant pay for admin duties, including bonuses, so do your research and prepare to set up your cubicle with adorable photos of the kids.

77. Matchmaker -- Don't you want everyone else to end up happily ever after with 2.5 children, just like you? Start studying the masters, and become a Yenta for the singles in your area.

78. Artisan Candy Maker -- In addition to being the most popular mom on the block, your sweet treats will go over super duper well at the farmers' market.

79. SEO Specialist -- Jump on the Internet bandwagon and just wait for the calls for your services to come in. Once you know something that no one else does and everyone wants to know, you can pick and choose clients while taking care of business at home. Be prepared to stay up on the latest tech trends, as search engine optimization tactics can, and do, change frequently.

80. Veterinarian -- The job you dreamed of as a little girl can be yours. Keeping family pets, or big livestock, healthy is admirable and adorable.

81. Film Editor -- A well-paying behind-the-scenes job can be yours. Establish yourself as a go-to editor, and you'll be the first one in town to learn what Inception really means.

82. Recipe Developer -- A dream job for the foodie or aspiring chef, many cookbooks and websites need people to test, re-test, and perfect recipes for publication. If this sounds like a great way to keep your family, and yourself, nourished -- it is.

83. Children’s Book Author -- Your market research is right in front of you, so if you’ve got a way with words, now could be the time to jump into children’s book authorship. Bonus if you’ve got artistic talent and create your own illustrations.

84. Feng Shui Consultant -- This job works especially well if you’re on the West Coast, but there are people who want to fix their feng shui all over the country. Study the art of organization and flow and make many a happy home.

85. Medical Records Technician -- I know one single mom who makes her living in this high-demand job and still has time to always pick up her son from school and have an active social life. Yeah, that's a good gig.

86. Makeup Artist -- Whether it’s for film, advertisements, or ladies who lunch -- being a makeup artist can allow you to book your own clients, and therefore, create your own schedule. You’ll also develop the skills to always look like you’re not exhausted, thanks to the magic of makeup.

87. Musical Instrument Repairer -- Voted the least stressful job, music aficionados and handy ladies -- take note! You can also work from your own home and make your own hours. Some after bedtime violin stringing can also help your zen state of mind.

88. Dental Hygienist -- Just make sure you can negotiate time off if your next pregnancy results in crazy morning sickness. Inside someone’s mouth is not where you want to be when the nausea arrives. But this high-paying and in-demand job can be a great family-friendly find.

89. Industrial Designer -- Ever wonder who designed the Target prescription bottle? It could be you if you have a knack for creating useful and pleasing products for industrial and consumer use. This is one of those obscure, but plentiful, jobs that you never actually realized people did.

90. Data Entry -- If you want to just type and leave all your brain function for your little ones, there is much work to be had in data entry. The typist job of yore, you can do this job from home -- in fact it’s preferable if you do -- and type away after the kids are in bed, or during naptime.

91. Tour Guide -- Show off your town to tourists during the day, come home satisfied that you live a truly interesting life at night. Where personality and a love of local history go hand-in-hand, this is a job that the right person can turn into a dream job. Knowledge of multiple languages a must.

92. Office Manager -- If you run a tight ship at home, you’ll be a perfect fit to run the office world as well. While you may receive the occasional after-hours call about the coffee maker, it’s definitely a job you can compartmentalize. You know, as long as you don't have one of those crazy bosses. Good luck with that.

93. Customer Service -- You can’t search the job listings without seeing multiple calls for customer service representatives. Good natured, effective customer service people are hard to find, and if you’ve got the knack for making (sometimes irritated) customers happy, you’ll find yourself gainfully employed for a very long time.

94. Appraiser -- Whether it’s real estate or antiques, if you have the know-how and background in this field, you can set yourself up with a part- or full-time job that works with your life. Knowing the value of things will also help you and your children in life, as well as work.

95. Baby Wrangler -- If you live in a town with a television industry, chances are there are commercials being shot with adorable babies. A fun, very part-time job is that of the baby wrangler. Yep, the glorified babysitter who makes sure the babies stay on their marks, don’t drool too much for the shot, and are happy. Sounds fun, right?

96. Barista -- You know your coffee consumption has gone up dramatically since the babies have arrived, why not make a career out of enjoying the joe? Some companies even offer health insurance benefits to those behind the green apron.

97. Translator -- If you majored in any other language and have always wondered how to put that precise knowledge to work, hit up your local court house, police station, publication house -- anyone who requires some English translation when a foreign tongue comes their way.

98. Dog Breeder -- Breeding healthy, happy, registered dogs is a great way to work from home and make sure unethical practices like puppy mills have some real competition. And you'll always have a furry friend to keep you company after you've got that empty nest.

99. Entrepreneur -- If you can dream it, you can do it. What’s that fabulous invention you’ve been doodling on napkins for years? Or the idea for a business that you can’t seem to let go of, no matter how many excuses you make? Now is the time to create the job you want, instead of the job you have to have.

100. Blogger -- We all know mommy bloggers have taken over the (virtual) world, and some are even creating their own media empire. Starting pay is a negative, but the joy of cataloging the events in your mom-world, the conventions made just for you, and the stress-relief of knowing how many other moms out there are just like you make it a super popular mom job.

What do you think is the best job for moms?

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