Nancy Grace Wants to Scare Moms

Nancy GraceNancy Grace is always alerting us to something on her show Swift Justice -- some critical issue or situation that needs to be examined. Only when it came to an issue with her personal health, she pushed it aside and buried it in the business of life. That choice could have killed her.

Though she had been experiencing some health issues, including "irregular bleeding," she put off having them checked out for more than a year. When she finally did -- just a couple of months ago -- doctors found a solid mass that was suspected to be cancer. In an emotional interview on Good Morning America this week, she came forward to speak about the experience for the first time in order to scare other mothers straight about taking care of their health.


"Finally I said, 'Is it cancer?'" Grace said. "[The doctor] said, ‘There's a pretty good chance that it is.’"

I can't imagine hearing those words, and I'd like to say I can't ever imagine waiting a year to have a medical problem checked out. Unfortunately I can. Life is busy, and as mothers, we often put ourselves last. You can bet if one of our children was bleeding irregularly, we'd be at the doctor or emergency room no matter the time of day or night. But when it comes to ourselves, we wait and see, we rationalize, and we put it on a to-do list that doesn't always get done.

Fortunately in Grace's case, it turned out not to be cancer. But she's using the experience to send out a message to mothers that we must stop putting our health on a back burner. Hopefully, we'll heed it and take better care of ourselves. Too often we forget that doing so is one of the best things we can do for our children.

Here she is speaking with Joy Behar about her feelings when she thought she was going to leave her children to grow up without her. Get your tissues ready and pick up that phone to make your next checkup:

Do you put off your own health needs because you're too busy taking care of your family?

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