Krispy Kreme Challenge Makes Me Want To Hurl

Krispy Kreme ChallengeIt is for a good cause, but just thinking about the Krispy Kreme Challenge held in Raleigh, North Carolina, this weekend makes me nauseous. While it benefits the North Carolina Children's Hospital, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the adults running it have to make a visit to a hospital after doing so.

Here's what it involves: You run two miles to a Krispy Kreme store, eat a dozen donuts -- a DOZEN! -- then run two miles back. It all has to be done in an hour too, so there's no walking it off.

Who would be crazy enough to undertake such an endeavor? Well, about 7,500 people who registered for it. Not surprisingly, the race started as a dare among students. Twelve participated in the first one held in 2004, and it's grown over the years to the event it is today.

 Here's some footage from the 2008 race:


It looks like they're having fun (in the beginning at least), but as much as I love a good race, I don't think I could do it. Well, maybe I could, but I'd surely get sick somewhere along the way. Carb loading is one thing, but a sticky sugary mess of donuts is ... a mess waiting to happen.

Not to mention the calories consumed!  You would actually do more damage to your diet running those four miles than good. Each donut has approximately 200 calories -- so you're eating 2,400 calories. Running four miles at a nine-minute pace for a 125-pound woman would burn just under 400 calories, so you would actually still have 2,000 calories for which to compensate ... and you'd likely be too sick to go do any additional exercise. But like I said, it's for a good cause, so if there is any excuse to be a glutton I suppose this is a good one.

The rules do state that you don't HAVE to eat the donuts to participate, you can just pick them up and run back with them. While that sounds like a more stomach-safe option, it also sounds like a cop out. If you're going to do the race, you better man (or woman) up to the donuts. And hey,  if you do hurl, then I guess you don't have to worry about all those calories, right?

Would you run the Krispy Kreme challenge?

Image via YouTube

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