Is Jennifer Aniston a Drunk?

Jennifer AnistonWhat's up with Jennifer Aniston lately? Reports and rumors are buzzing that Aniston may be boozing it up a little more often as of late. She's certainly had her share of heartache and issues to deal with; is she turning to the bottle to help her do so?

The most recent example of her drunken ways being held up is her latest appearance on Conan O'Brien's show, when they were oh-so-ironically discussing rumors that plague her. She did seem a bit off when talking with him -- especially in the beginning when there was perhaps some slurring of words and a few awkward minutes. Check it out and see what you think:


As Celebitchy points out, she seems to be talking abnormally loudly too -- exactly like drunk people do. Hmmm.

Perhaps she was a bit nervous or flustered after Conan walked in on her half naked, but she's not 100 percent obviously drunk in my opinion. Maybe, maybe not -- it's a toss-up.

Her appearance at the People's Choice Awards a few weeks ago was another matter. She slurred her speech, interrupted Adam Sandler, and was overall a hot mess. There's little doubt she was drunk for this one:

Add to those incidents her supposed vodka-fueled partying and man hunting with BFF Chelsea Handler, and a recent report from the National Enquirer that says her friends are worried about her, and Jen is a full-fledged alcoholic headed for skid row, according to some.

"Friends have grown concerned that the Emmy winner’s drinking is becoming a serious problem,” the paper stated.

But Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer story, and the vodka-fueled parties have been found false. I think most of the speculation is similarly false.

Even if she does throw back a couple cocktails before making a public appearance on occasion, is it that big of a deal? Don't most celebrities? She's never shown any problematic behavior stemming from drinking, and hopefully she won't.

For now I think she deserves the benefit of the doubt, and we can chalk up the Jen-is-a-drunk talk to nothing but rumors, which love to follow Aniston. How many babies has she adopted again? 

Do you think Jennifer Aniston has a drinking problem?

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