Never Be Cold Again! Head-to-Toe Outdoor Running Wardrobe


winter running Cool temperatures are discouraging, but running outside actually gives you a better workout. It burns more calories per minute and due to changes in terrain and altitude, tones your muscles in a completely different way than inside at the gym.

OK, so you've decided to suck it up and get out there? You go girl! Grabbing the right winter workout gear will make your runs much more enjoyable, comfortable, and even (gasp!) something to look forward to.

Check out our top suggestions to add to your cool weather workout wardrobe:

North Face embossed TKA glacier 1/4 zipThis women's embossed TKA 100 Glacier 1/4 Zip (Northface, $55) is an essential pullover for winter running. The breathable fabric makes the fleece zip up very comfortable before and after you work up a sweat. Not to mention, the sweet embroidered design will make you the trendiest person on the trails.


Nike running gloves

Once you get to running and your body adjusts to the cool temps, it's common to want to ditch the gloves for a more comfortable run. Well, these Nike Dri-Fit lightweight gloves (Nike, $18) are thin enough to keep on long after your third mile, and smooth to the touch.


under armour leggings

No matter how cold it is outside, there's no way to absolutely prevent sweating once you've settled into your stride. Under Armour's UA Evo Coldwear Tight (Under Armour, $49.99) will wick sweat away from the body and prevent any uncomfortable chafing.

north face ear warmer

There is nothing more important to consider when dressing for a winter run than covering your extremitites, especially your ears. Putting on a headband, like this Windstopper Ear Gear (North Face, $25), will not only protect your earlobes from chilly temps, but also cut down on wind noise when you're trying to jam out to your new favorite workout mix.


running arm warmer

For the arm warmer newbie, you've seriously missing out. These wonders (Nike, $20) are perfect for race day. By keeping your muscles warm, you'll reduce cramping risks. Not to mention, they are the perfect (and easily removable) solution for the long sleeve stubborn.



Something is to be said about pockets, especially when you're on a run. With two outer pockets and an internal media pocket for your mp3 player, this ventilated PlayDry jacket (Reebok, $34.99 on sale) is a great item to add to your workout wardrobe.

What's in your winter workout wardrobe?

Top image via Lululemon athletica/Flickr

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frysh... fryshannon34

I dont have a workout wardrobe.I like the armwarmers though I havent ever seen those

Peajewel Peajewel

I jog on a treamill during the winter months so I don't need to have this gear.  I admire people that go outside in this!

nonmember avatar Cat

I have those AU coldwear tights and they are amazing. My dog needs daily runs, so running outside is my only option. I wear a baselayer under these tights on very cold days and I wear them under sweats to the gym, then take the sweats off and work out in the tights. A good hat is a must, I wear a Lululemon skullcap with a ponytail hole. My favorite cold weather waterproof running shoes are my Saucony Razors. They are expensive but worth every penny.

Ashly... Ashlynnsmommy07

I don't run outside, but those look like good options!

Ashly... Ashlynnsmommy07

I don't run ouside but those look like good options!

tazdvl tazdvl

Don't run outside.


I walk or hike and just wear sweats/fleece, and regular outdoor stuff. 

sstepph sstepph

Oh how I love North Face!

maine... mainemusicmaker

Sweats.  I don't work out outside in the winter...I'd slip on the ice and break a hip because I'm "old" like that o.O

asil asil

yeah, it's called a gym membership... warmer and nearly just as "cheap" as buying all the proper clothing to run outside in the cold weather... heck it was -5 when i got up this morning... it's only 9 now... not counting wind chilll... i'll spring for the gym membership

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